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Best Hinge openers In 2023

The secret of the best hinge conversation starter is in creativity. Use some of the principles in this article to be impactful when you start your conversation, and increase dramatically your likelihood of matches!
best hinge openers in 2022

Being on the Hinge dating app allows you to meet impressive individuals if you're not a big outdoors person or have a busy schedule. Your first message should include conversation starters and nothing more upon connecting with these people.

However, Hinge Conversation Starters are numerous as they can vary from a simple "Hey," "HI," "Hello," and "How are you?" to more sophisticated sentences that evoke a positive reaction from the recipient.  And that doesnt depend on what you are looking for. A long term relationship will also start with an opener.

To ensure you succeed on this remarkable dating app, we've tasked compiling the best Hinge Conversation Starters. With these lines in your arsenal, you're bound to get a date in no time.

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Table of Content

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. Effective Hinge Conversation Starters to Try
effective hinge conversation starters to try

Effective Hinge Conversation Starters to Try

Below are our recommended Hinge Conversation Starters in 2022. Most can be used on any popular dating app/dating sites. Making a good impression is super important starting a conversation. You dont need to write a blog post. The goal is to be impactful. You want to make sure you use the best Hinge opening lines with your potential dates.

1. "You love [Insert observation]? That’s impressive. I'm an [insert related personal activity] too!"

Observing the recipient's Hinge profile pictures and Hinge profile is an excellent way to find worthwhile topics and start talking. You can complement her dog, activity, adventurous nature, and more. People love talking about themselves, making this option an effective conversation starter.

2. "What do you do on Sunday? Laundry, movies, or aggressive napping?"

Question Hinge Conversation Starters are sure-fire ways to begin a conversation on Hinge. As long as they're easy to answer, you'll come across as entertaining, creative, and spontaneous. Ensure to keep the questions simple; you're trying to get a first date, not acceptance into Havard!

And be emotional, my favorite Hinge conversation starter is one that triggers an emotional response!

3. "Two Truths and a lie: I swim with sharks, got shot in Russia, 7 out of 8 high-school crushes turn gay."

Two Truths and a lie is a popular game where you make three claims, two being true and one being false. The following person has to guess which statement is false, winning that round. There's no prize except the opportunity to start a conversation with a desirable stranger. Ensure at least one sentence is weird or embarrassing because it compels a positive reaction.

In order to do something pretty cool. Find a subtle way of suggesting obvious false ones, to keep mystery on the right ones.

It's honestly one of my favorite game on online dating apps.

4. "I know we just met, but I have to admit, you have excellent taste in [include your gender] 😉."

Most Hinge users on the Hinge dating app prefer to play safe and avoid actions that seem to tease, cocky, or too direct. Don't make this mistake. You can begin the conversation by complimenting them on yourself. It's positively shocking, funny, witty, and clever. However, if you struggle with passing conversations forward, use a different opener because the efficacy of this recommended sentence depends on your wittiness.

5. “If you could [act on a subject], who/which would it be?”

Similar to two truths and a lie, easy and brief games are among the best Hinge Conversation Starters because of their efficacy. For example, ask your match, "If you could have dinner with one person, dead or alive, who would it be?". Their answer provides material that inevitably continues the conversation.

And a good idea to get a glimpse at the other person's bucket list!

6. “Random question: What mythical creature do you wish existed?”

If you want a first date with someone intelligent, imaginative, and quick on their feet, this opening line will do the trick. It's a modification of the famous "what's your favorite dinosaur?" question, and it aims to make the recipient put their imagination into use. It's one of the best Hinge Conversation Starters out there.

7. "Looks like a great day in the sun!”

Don't have the mental capacity to be witty and flirtatious at the moment? Opt for this straightforward conversation starter instead. Talking about the weather is considered a  boring first message, but it's safer and more accessible than trying to fail to come across as witty with your opener.

8. “So, what’s your secret talent? Everyone has one.”

People love talking about themselves, and hidden talents are a rare subject that's bound to get the conversation going. So while it's a bit personal, it's not a sensitive topic, making it the perfect combination for an empathetic conversation.  What's good with this one is that it is likely to reveal some common interests, and lead to a perfect match.

9." What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Ignore prices. It’s on me.”

The aim of being on dating apps is to connect with someone romantically. Since you've matched, there's no need to beat around the bush. This opener instantly invites her to an ice cream date without much effort. Even if they decline the invitation, you can still build rapport based on their food choices.

10. “What's the best (or worst) opening line you've received on here?”

Dating apps have an awkwardness surrounding the first message, with many screenshots going viral for how awkward they seem. You can capitalize on this factor by having them talk about their encounters with frustrating Hinge Conversation Starters.

11. “What was the best part of your week?”

While this line is a simple conversation starter, it gives you insight into your potential date's attitude and perspective on reality. Also, if they give you a long and detailed answer, you're guaranteed a rich conversation.

12. Use your Emojis

Emojis are primarily used to convey facial expressions via text; however, you can do more with these icons. For example, "🍝+👫❓." This combination is a request to go on a date with the recipient. You come across as funny, creative, and imaginative with the right mix.

13. "Good Morning" + "What's your most played song on Spotify?”

A person's music taste gives a good glimpse into their personality and what they dance to. With knowledge of their most played song on Spotify, you can create a connection to your music taste or share your favorite Playlist. Don't forget to send a follow-up text; else, the conversation becomes awkward.

14. “Would you rather...”

"Would you rather…" is a fantastic conversation starter because you create two scenarios with consequences. As long as you keep both options fun and light-hearted, you'll get giggled and positive replies right off the bat. You can definitely make some funny Hinge openers with this line.

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Getting the conversation going with a stronger is challenging, especially if you're not used to breaking the ice often. However, these Hinge Conversation Starters will help you get from point A to B.

Final thoughts, prepare to follow up texts as the opener is meant to start the interaction, not do all the work. You still need to hold the conversation. If you want more examples or you have good ones, you can write directly to us!

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