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The Best Questions To Ask On Hinge: Build Meaningful Connections

Looking for ways to make meaningful connections on a Hinge dating app? Check out our expert-approved list of the best questions to ask on Hinge, from conversation starters to deep dives. Swipe smarter, not harder!
the best questions to ask on hinge build meaningful connections

Hinge is the only dating app encouraging users to build a serious relationship with their matches by offering interesting prompts and questions. But to take things to a higher level, you need to initiate thought-provoking conversations and help you analyze your match’s vibes and thinking.

But some people find it difficult to start a conversation that will help them build a connection with their matches. Build better relationships with these must-ask questions and unlock compatibility with your matches.

Here we bring you the best Hinge conversation starters ranging from funny to flirty and meaningful questions for light-hearted hinge conversations.

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Table of Content

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. Best Questions to Ask on Hinge
  2. Funny Questions to Ask on Hinge
  3. Flirty Hinge Conversation Starters
  4. Deep Questions for Hinge Conversations
best questions to ask on hinge

Best Questions to Ask on Hinge

1. What’s your favorite movie, TV show, or book?”

It is one of the best Hinge conversation starters when discussing their favorite things. If they are into romantic Twilight movies and you are a die-hard Marvel fan, it can help you start a really fun conversation. Their taste in movies and books shows a lot about their personality.

You can ask what they like the most about a particular movie which can help you learn a lot about their beliefs, passions, and interests.

2. What are some items on your bucket list?

Bucket lists are among the most interesting things to discuss in your first message on an online dating app. Knowing about your match’s bucket list gives you insight into what they wish to achieve in life.

This man on Tinder asked his match what was on her bucket list, she said, hoping through Switzerland villages. Luckily two years later, they went to the Swiss villages on their honeymoon.

Even if you do not end up like this lucky couple, you can still get good conversation starters by asking this simple question.

3. How would your friends describe you?

Getting their friend’s perspective about them lets you analyze their personality without using basic questions like, “Tell me something about yourself.” Besides, you will get interesting insights into what type of a person they are. You can further ask whether their friend’s description is true or not to build a deeper connection.

4. Ask “would you rather” questions.

Similar to two truths and a lie, would you rather questions are also the best Hinge conversation starters to know other person’s sense of humor, values, tastes, and personality.

You can use Would you rather be crazy rich or deeply in love? Would you rather travel to the past or the future? Would you rather be 20% smarter or 20% more attractive? Would you rather be the funniest or most intelligent person in the room?

The possibilities for such Hinge Questions are unlimited, plus you can take the conversation from fun to flirty pretty easily. So, next time you feel stuck, use a would you rather thread where both of you can ask silly or serious questions to know each other better.

5. What was your first impression of me?

You would be amazed to know how potential matches perceive you in online dating. From your looks in pictures to your profile answers, there can be anything that interests your match to have a conversation with you.

You can learn their personality type, intentions, and thoughts if you want a long-term relationship.

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funny questions to ask on hinge

Funny Questions to Ask on Hinge

Steps before reseting

6. How would you describe yourself in three emojis?

This question serves as a playful conversation opener that can let you learn who they are. It's an awesome playful way to get to know someone's personality better. When they send the emojis, you can discuss them further or ask them to explain their choice. You can also share yours to give them a glimpse of your personality.

7. What's your go-to karaoke song?

Hinge conversation about a go-to karaoke song can be a good idea to know about your potential partner. People tend to choose songs that reflect their personality or feel comfortable singing. If you both enjoy karaoke, it could be a fun activity to do together in the future, especially for your awesome first date.

8. What's your most embarrassing moment?

Asking about an embarrassing story is a great ice breaker to let them know that they can trust you with even the worst experience of their lives. It's a funny conversation starter that lets you learn about their unique life experiences, and you both can laugh together.

9. What's your worst roommate story?

The worst roommate story promises the best Hinge conversation starter that will bring funny answers from your potential partners. It will be a light-hearted conversation that can tell a lot about their bad experiences, personal boundaries, and conflict resolution.

flirty hinge conversation starters

Flirty Hinge Conversation Starters

10. What does the perfect date sounds like to you?

Such flirty questions are perfect to know their idea of showing love and affection to their partner. It can reveal common interests, which could be a sign that you two are compatible.

Once they share their idea of a perfect date, you can ask follow-up questions, share your thoughts, and keep the conversation going. This question can help you plan a date with them, something both of you will enjoy and cherish later.

11. What do you prefer, kisses or cuddles?

Being bold and flirty on dating apps is risky, but if you feel you have to build a connection with your match, such flirty questions can help you build an emotional connection with them. It will help you understand their idea of romance and compatibility with you.

12. What turns you on about a woman/ man?

Asking this flirty question on the Hinge dating app lets you show that you are ready to take this relationship to the next level. It tells the prospective partner that you are serious about them and looking for ways to impress them. For some, it can be a good conversation or a romantic date that can bring them into the mood. In every way, it's a good way to know your match better.

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deep questions for hinge conversations

Deep Questions for Hinge Conversations

13. When did your last relationship end?

Discussing past relationships helps you build a deeper connection with your Hinge Match. Asking general questions get boring with time, but asking something that can help you build an emotional connection with your match is pure gold.

Learning their dating history is helpful to know at what pace they manage their relationship or what you can do or avoid to make things worst or good. It's a sensitive topic, and not everyone is comfortable talking about past experiences easily. So, approach them cautiously when you think you have known each other for a while.

14. What's your most irrational fear?

Talking about fears and insecurities in Hinge conversation is a great idea to create a sense of vulnerability and authenticity for a deeper conversation. It can also reveal how they handle stress and anxiety and provide an opportunity to offer support or empathy.

15. Do you have any hidden talents? Or What's your secret talent?

People love talking about their talents. It is something they are immensely proud of. So they would love to talk in detail about their unique qualities without getting bored. It's a little personal thing, but the conversation's lighthearted nature helps you keep it flowing. It can even lead to funny conversations about their unique hobbies and habits that make them different and interesting.

16. Are you close with your family?

Since the Hinge dating app is more about finding a good match and building connections on a deeper level, learning about their family dynamics can be a good way to do just that. Their family background, relationship with their siblings, and values are greatly important to building a relationship with them.

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Starting a conversation with a new match on the Hinge dating app is not that difficult. You can use our best Hinge conversation starters to turn your basic questions and simple hello, hye greetings into more meaningful conversations.

However, these examples for a first message can help you break the ice, but to keep the conversation going, you must be a little expressive, creative, and understanding to get the best results from your Hinge interactions.

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