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40+ Best Hinge Jokes To Make Her Smile (100% Guaranteed Results)

Online dating is prevailing. Learn to deliver the right opening line at the right time to impress your crush and get a conversation started
Best Hinge Jokes

Making a great first impression on a dating app demands effort. Making only an attractive profile will not help you bag potential dates. You must be witty, charming, and smart in using the right conversation starters.

You can use a funny Hinge opening line to make her laugh because she will surely date you if you can make her laugh. Hinge already offers great prompts to help you build an attractive profile and serve as icebreakers during the conversation.

But you need to tailor your Hinge openers according to the situation. So, here we bring you the best Hinge opening lines and when is the right time to use them on dating apps.

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  1. Best Hinge Openers That Can Break The Ice
Best Hinge Openers That Can Break The Ice

Best Hinge Openers That Can Break The Ice

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Starting your Hinge conversations with a simple hye is a bad idea. Instead, make sure your first message is different and interesting. It can be an open-ended question or a funny statement that can make your Hinge match see that you are the one.

Here's how you can use the best Hinge openers as conversation starters.

1. Use their profile to start a conversation:

Take a hint from their Hinge profile to craft your opening line. Your Hinge opening lines can be about the city or a place they love or visit often. Or a shared interest that you can use as best Hinge openers. Crafting an opening message based on your match's profile is a good Hinge opener, showing that you would love to know them personally.

For instance:

  • Hye, I see you are also from (place name). It's the place I grew up at.
  • Wow, you went to the Grand Canyon. I'm planning to go there this year.
  • Has anyone ever told you, that your smile is extremely beautiful?
  • Hey, I would love to know more about your rock climbing experience.

2. Talk about their favorite food

Is your match also a foodie like you? Then, there's no better opening line than discussing your love for food. If your Hinge match likes a certain food, you can comment on it and hint at a potential first date.

Your possible opening line can be:

  • I see you like Mexican food. Is there a special place you love to go to?
  • Deep-dish pizza is always a delight! What's your favorite place to grab a slice?
  • Steaks are my favorite, also. Let's have them for dinner sometime.
  • Oh, you love Mexican food. What's your favorite black mole or torte?

3. Appreciate their four-legged friend

Talking about their pet makes the best Hinge openers. It's an effective ice breaker that can help you overcome the awkwardness. You can talk about their pet's name, breed, or specialties.

  • I must say you have the cutest dog. Can I get to meet them?
  • My dog would love to play with your cat. Let's help them bond.
  • Oh my god, what's the name of your cute little friend?
  • I'm jealous. How can you have such great photos with your dog?

4. Ask about their profession

If you want a conversation starter, talk about their profession or career. Especially, if they either have a different profession or are career-oriented. It surely paved the way for a hearty, meaningful conversation.

  • What makes your job so special?
  • What's your dream job?
  • What do you like the most about your job?
  • So you work at McDonald's. What can I do to get a free unlimited supply of McNuggets?

5. Try unpopular or controversial opinion strategy

Knowing someone’s unpopular opinion is a fun way to start a conversation. It's up to you whether you want to keep your opinions lighthearted or wish to get opinions on personal, political, or life philosophies.

  • Do you think Beyonce is overrated?
  • I think Star Trek beats off the Star Wars.
  • Pineapple on pizza, yes or no?
  • What's your opinion on a pickle juice?

6. Try out something unique

Why bore your Hinge match with boring opening lines? Like a unique Hinge opener:

  • You get a chance to have your portrait painted; what will be your preferred background?
  • Which character is your usual in Mario Kart?
  • What's your pain reliever personality: Tylenol, Advil, or procrastinating and complaining?
  • Typical Sunday priorities: Eat, sleep, exercise, and worry about Monday. Yours?
  • What is your phone background?

7. Connect over Spotify favorites

Times have changed because earlier in the 90s, we used to have CDs with our crush’s favorite songs, but now we have Spotify. If you guys have similar music tastes, it means you have an awesome first date planned already.

You can ask simple questions, but we promise they will have a great impact:

  • From your favorite music on Spotify, which artist would you love to see in real?
  • Are you also a Harry Style fan?
  • Is there a specific genre of music you love?
  • Which is the most played song on your Spotify?

8. Bring in some nostalgic magic:

Remember when we used to download and listen to songs on flashy MP3 players? Use those golden memories as Hinge openers and ask questions like:

  • Which is the first song you heard of Adele?
  • Which Taylor Swift song made you fall in love with her?
  • Who do you think is the underrated artist of today’s time?
  • What's the first CD you bought for yourself?

9. Make them pick one

The two options Hinge openers best create a remarkable first impression on your crush. This Hinge opener allows you to flaunt your sense of humor.

For instance, you can try:

  • Your dream job: pizza critic or a puppy photographer. (You understand what we are talking about!)
  • Worst thing: Being sexy or being cold?
  • Best man-made invention: Mac cheeseburger or technology
  • Bossa nova or country music?
  • No more deep dish pizza or no Taylor Swift music.

10. Talk about life-changing events

You can talk about fearful events, movies, or anything you would love to know about your potential partner.

  • Which movie scared you when you first watched it?
  • Use three emojis to tell me about your idea of a perfect date.
  • What do you think is a perfect date?
  • When was the last thing that broke your heart?

11. Two Truths and a Lie

Truths and a Lie is the most successful Hinge opener because it is an engaging and creative way to express yourself. You can try something like that.

  • My parents can never say my name correctly.
  • I am camera shy. I cannot take selfies.
  • I kidnapped a dog from the park just to take a picture.
  • I have been using my phone for more than seven years.
  • I become a Spiderman on Friday night to save the city.

12. Would you rather prompt

It can help you make some funny hinge openers to break the ice. They help you understand a person's personality, and you will have a bond built without even realizing it.

Here are some suggestions for similar Hinge openers:

  • Would you rather live in New York City or Kentucky outskirts?
  • Would you rather stay at home or enjoy the outdoors?
  • Would you rather have a surprise or plan every detail of your date?
  • Would you rather act in an action movie or a romantic one?

13. Kiss, marry, or kill

Explore their Hinge profile and see if they have a die-hard crush on a celebrity, band, or fandom. Then, compose your opening line to have fun and start conversations. It's always best to talk about common interests.

  • Kiss, marry, or kill: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, or Rupert Grint? (For Harry Potter fans)
  • Kiss, marry, or kill: Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett, or Chewbacca. (For Star Wars fans)

14. Try cheesy pick up lines

Simple, cheesy pickup lines go a long way in impressing your potential date. Consider these conversation starters with your potential match.

  • You are too hot. Did you came out of the oven?
  • So, aside from taking my breath away, what do you do for a living?
  • You must be tired. Because you have been running in my mind all day.

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Dating apps can be a scary place to find a perfect match, especially if you don't understand how things work. But using our Hinge opening lines can help you attract the attention of a compatible partner.

However, there's a chance you might not get a positive response on some pick up lines, but it's okay. You can try your luck somewhere else. But make sure you give your best shot in the first message as Hinge openers or opening lines.

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