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Best Tinder Openers For Guys That Work In 2023

This post will contain some of the most effective Tinder openers for guys that make you sound interesting
best tinder openers for guys that work in 2022

Dating apps like Tinder have made online dating more straightforward and intuitive for individuals with busy schedules or approaching anxiety. However, matching with someone on this platform is the first step, with the next being to start a conversation using a Tinder opener.

However, not all Tinder Openers are practical; some are cliché, easy to spot, and most don't move the conversation forward. For this reason, this post will contain some of the most effective Tinder openers for guys that make you sound interesting.

Here are the best Tinder opening lines!

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  1. First Tinder openers you can use!
  2. And other conversation starters right here
first tinder openers you can use

First Tinder openers you can use!

1. "Do you know the Titanic? I'm bringing it into this conversation because it's an excellent ICE BREAKER."

The best Tinder icebreakers make her laugh on the first message since the laughter acts as a catalyst, encouraging her to text further. If she gets the reference and pun from your Tinder openers, she can follow up with a joke or applaud your effort.

Essentially, humor plays a significant part in attracting people, especially women. Therefore, try humor or a silly Tinder opener to ensure you sound interesting with your opening line. Also, remember that jokes are risky since they can become cringy if the recipient doesn't get it. Be careful with your Tinder openers!

2. "Hello name, you won't believe what fruit you remind me of."

Most girls are bombarded with attempts at funny Tinder openers on the dating app from hundreds of thirsty guys trying to get laid. Unfortunately, there aren't many hours in the day to reply to most guys, meaning she'll give her time to the interesting ones. For this reason, your Tinder openers should pique her interest and compel her to slide into your DMs.

Using Tinder openers that pique her interest is more likely to attract a response where she wants to know more. It's a normal human desire; use it to your advantage.

3. "Hey name, how would you rather spend the perfect Sunday—a hike outside in nature, cocktails at a bar, or lying on the couch binge-watching Netflix?”

Multiple-choice questions function as great Tinder openers since they provide an escape from most guys using cliché Tinder openers. They're perfect for coming across as different, especially since having the cliché "best Tinder openers" can only take you so far.

We recommend presenting a multiple choice question as your opening message. It's a better option to send a mediocre and overused opening line. Also, it's an excellent way to get date ideas or know more about her.

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and other conversation starters right here

And other conversation starters right here

4. "Hey, I know this is a fake Tinder profile, but I was just wondering if you could let me know the name of the model in the pictures?"

Simply telling a woman "you're beautiful" isn't enough; the opening lines must be unique, clever, sincere, and creative. Also, people, especially women, love it when you make them feel good about themselves; therefore, paying the girl a unique complement is an effective strategy for endearing her to you.

Ultimately, funny Tinder openers are great, but sometimes, well-written opening lines are better than all Tinder openers at your disposal. Ensure to avoid a cliché Tinder opener and say something worthwhile.

5. "Tell me two facts and a lie about you, and I have to guess which is which."

The recommended way to get her talking about herself on the dating app is the famous "Two Truths, one lie" game. It's one of the best Tinder openers since it promotes interesting conversation quickly.

This makes it one of the best tinder openers since it compels the girl to talk about herself. Furthermore, besides capitalizing on a human's natural desire to talk about themselves, people also tend to think positively of good listeners, which is a huge bonus when chatting on dating apps.

6. "Hey, ! Do you know what’s most interesting about your profile?"

Click Bait is part of the internet, so why not use it in dating apps? This method is bound to get your Tinder openers read if appropriately used. However, holding your punchline from the first message is best since it's most effective when they reply and express interest.

After dropping this clickbait tinder opener that's bound to get her wondering, prepare a follow-up message to her reply that will inspire a reaction. Ultimately, this Tinder opener only functions well when you have a good follow-up.

7. "That furry fellow on your profile looks loved. Tell me about him"

People treat their pets like family and making Tinder openers based on these loved creatures can get you the positive reaction needed to push the conversation forward. So, if she has a lovely dog, cat, or noteworthy animal, consider creating a Tinder opener off them and watch the magic happen.

Prepare for a conversational avalanche with this Tinder opener as people love talking about their pets and how they'd sacrifice the world for them. Afterward, feel free to follow up with talking points that push the conversation forward.

8. Memes Help

Sometimes, the best Tinder openers aren't pick up lines but memes. These images are humorous and perfect if you can't find anything to say based on her profile. Instead, you can research funny Tinder memes and find one that conveys your personality but leaves room for excellent conversation.

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Being conversational and charismatic on Tinder is difficult, especially if you have to think of great Tinder openers to start the conversation. Fortunately, this list of Tinder openers should be sufficient to break the ice and begin the conversation.

Furthermore, it's worth noting that a funny Tinder opening line are nothing but a means to begin the interaction; you still have to carry the conversation in online dating. Therefore, ensure you're engaging, respectful, genuine, interesting, and creative. Pick one of these Tinder openers and good Luck on your date.

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