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Dry Texting: Full Guide To Avoid It Clearly Explained

Dry Texting is the Worst. Here's How to Avoid it.
What is Dry Texting?

Picture this. You spent 20 minutes crafting the perfect, witty conversation starter hoping to entice your crush into conversation. 

Then, you receive the kiss of death—the dreaded “k” response. Your heart sinks. They may have well as not responded! 

That’s just one example of dry texting, and in this article, we’ll share more about what it is, why it sucks, how to avoid dry texting, and how to deal with dry texting in relationships. 

This is a common issue in modern communication, but it doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker for your budding relationship. 

So, what’s dry texting? Let’s dig in. 

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Table of Contents

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. What is Dry Texting?
  2. Examples of Dry Texting
  3. Why a Dry Texter Sucks
  4. Strategies to Avoid a Dry Texting Style
  5. Dealing with Dry Texting in Relationships
What is Dry Texting?

What is Dry Texting?

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Have you ever sent a long detailed message only to receive a one word answer or two-word reply? That's a dry text, but what does dry texting mean? Well, it can be a few different things. 

  • The person is just not into you but not ready to cut the cord.
  • They’re busy and can’t really talk now. 
  • They’re not interested in the topic of conversation 
  • That’s how they talk and text.
  • They prefer to speak on the phone.

Whatever the reason, dry texts can completely derail a perfectly good conversation, whether it’s on a dating app or with a friend. It will stop a conversation dead in the tracks and leave you wondering how to proceed. 

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Examples of Dry Texting

Examples of Dry Texting

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What does try texting look like? Here are some dry texts.

  • Ok
  • Yes
  • Yea
  • Sure
  • Thanks
  • Lol
  • LMAO
  • K
  • No
  • Nah
  • IDK
  • Cool
  • Haha
  • For sure
  • Of course
  • Have fun

These are just a handful of examples of dry texts. There are so many more. Picture a dry, one word response and you've got a dry text.

Most people think you can only send dry responses to a romantic partner, but that's not true. You can do it to anyone, even a best friend!

Essentially, it’s a simple, one word, close-ended response that leaves no room for more conversation. While the person is texting, they’re not really engaging in more conversation.

Their responses are so short they may as well be leaving you on read. It's a texting style, but it's not the best to promote conversation.

After getting a few of these one word answers, you may start wondering why they're sending dry texts. Dry texting after first date can hinder getting the next date, and that’s just one reason why it can be a red flag. 

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Why a Dry Texter Sucks

Why a Dry Texter Sucks

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Even though the response is short, there’s a lot that someone can imply based on it. You’ll draw your own conclusions. Best case, when you meet a dry texter, you'll think the person is boring. Worst case, you'll think they're not into you. It's not like you can read someone's body language through text!

Dry texters can have a serious negative impact on communication and relationships, so it's best to steer clear of it in real life. Here are three reasons why dry texts sucks.

Misinterpretation and Lack of Clarity

When a text conversation responses are short, someone may think that you’re angry with them based on the context of the text. It could also make them feel like they’re not important and confused at what went wrong, especially if previous conversations went differently. 

This lack of clarity can cause problems in all relationships, but especially if you’re just starting out, so you’ll want to think twice about dry texting after first date. The other person may think you’re not into them and choose not to continue talking. 

Decreased Emotional Connection

A dry text conversation can also lead to a decreased emotional connection. The conversation will quickly start to feel one-sided, and it can be exhausting to single-handedly carry a conversation.

Because there’s not a lot to go on, people will start to pull away. 

The connection will begin to fade because you’re no longer engaging in meaningful communication. Eventually, it will just stop. 

Frustration and Disengagement

A dry texter can also make you feel frustrated and disengaged. You’re spending a lot of time trying to start a conversation, but it’s almost like the person has a wall up. They're a bad texter, and it feels like they’re pulling away.

Because of that, you can quickly become disengaged in the conversation and the relationship. It's not worth the time and energy.

Even though you’re getting responses, it’s almost like you’re getting ghosted. Eventually, the conversation will stop because it feels like the other person is just not that into you, and it’s not worth the energy to continue chatting. 

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Strategies to Avoid a Dry Texting Style

Strategies to Avoid a Dry Texting Style

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Dry texting may not be a big problem at first, but over time, it can say a lot without actually saying a lot. If that’s not what you’re going for, here are some strategies to prevent dry texting in your communication.

The good news is you can learn how to stop dry texting.

It just takes time.

Be Mindful of Tone and Emotion

Texting is hard because it’s really easy to misinterpret the tone of a message, especially when you’re just getting to know them. One important way to avoid dry texts is to look at the context. Be mindful of the content of the text.

Is someone talking about how upset they are, and all you said was, “I’m sorry?” That may seem like you’re brushing them off or not really listening. Maybe they asked how your day was, and you responded with “fine.”

It’s easy to read into texts, so make sure that you don’t just shoot off a response without thinking of the tone and emotion behind it. You may just lead people to think you’re dry texting.

Use Emoticons and GIFs

An easy way to avoid dry texting is by using emoticons, emojis, and GIFs. These help add personality and emotion to text messages, reinforcing the thought and emotion behind them.

If someone says, “I wish you were here,” you can respond with a “me too” and a winky face. That emoji can help the other person know that you’re feeling playful and flirty without many additional words.

GIFs can help break the ice, create new conversations, or simply reinforce what you’re saying. These are really easy ways that you can respond while showing more about your interests. Just make sure they’re appropriate - unless you’ve progressed to the next level in your relationship.

There's nothing worse than accidentally crossing the line with a new crush!

Ask Open-Ended Questions during Texting Conversation

One of the easiest ways to stop dry texts is to ask open-ended questions. If someone asks you how your day is going, reply with “Good, and yours?” The addition of those two extra words makes a world of difference. If you forget, simply follow up with the ask. Don’t worry about double texting!

It shows that you’re interested in the other person’s day. Ask more specific questions. You are keeping the conversation going, and that will open the door for future discussion.

It will show that you are interested. At the end of the day, you want to promote meaningful conversations with the other person, so that means you have to engage with them too!

It’s exhausting to be the only person invested, so avoid dry texting when you can - or be clear why your responses will be short or delayed.

Don't Be Afraid to Move On From Dry Texts

Whether you're the dry texter or someone else is sending you them, don't be afraid to move away from a dry text conversation. If the chat isn't flowing, then don't force it!

With online dating, there are so many options out there. Don't waste time on people you're not interested in. Trying to force a connection never works.

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Dealing with Dry Texting in Relationships

Dealing with Dry Texting in Relationships

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Is dry texting a red flag? It depends. Sometimes people are just dry texters. That's just their style. However, if that suddenly changes or if you notice conversations are turning dry, here are some tips on how to deal with it head-on. 

Communicate Expectations

First and foremost, you have to be honest with your partner! Don’t just let their one-word responses bother you. Instead, you need to address it head-on. If you openly discuss your communication expectations, then you can avoid misunderstandings.

If you are busy at work, share that your responses may be delayed or short in between your responsibilities. If your partner is sending you dry texts, share how that makes you feel. Address the issues before they become serious problems.

You can change communication patterns in your relationship so they are mutually beneficial to both parties with a little effort.

Schedule Phone or Video Calls for Those who Prefer Talking

Some people just aren’t great texters in the first place. Maybe they prefer talking. They don’t like texting, or they forget to respond until much later. No matter how much they try, they just can’t shake the pattern. That’s okay! 

You can meet in the middle by talking on the phone or scheduling video calls. This will help maintain a healthy communication pattern, fostering a deeper connection while avoiding dry texts. Keep in mind that phone calls may be less frequent than texts, but that doesn’t make them less meaningful!

Seek Clarification and Express Concerns

If you’ve tried everything else and you still find yourself the victim of dry texts or being a dry texter, ask why in the moment! Perhaps that’s simply how the person talks. If they are short and direct in person, chances are they will also be that way in text. It’s not personal. It’s just how they talk.

Broaching these conversations to get clarifications can help you express any concerns you may have about dry texting. Just make sure you’re being respectful. Everyone communicates a little differently, so there’s no right or wrong way as long as it’s authentic to them

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Dry texting - or simple one- to two-word responses - can actually be worse than not responding at all, saying a lot more than those simple responses actually call for. 

It’s best to avoid those situations, and in this article, you learned some simple strategies on how to avoid dry texting and what to do to address a dry texter in relationships. 

Strong communication takes work, and dry texting can stand in its way, so it’s best to nip it in the bud when you can! Your text game will thank you.

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