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70+ Good Night Messages for Her Before Bed

Find the ideal good night messages for her that will fill her heart with love. Whether you want to express romance or something cute, these messages will melt her heart.
Best Good Night Messages Text For Her

Make sure you don’t let any night go by without wishing your girlfriend goodnight. Why? Because it’s all about communication these days – expressing love and care before bed is now deemed essential.

The night is a prime time for reaffirming how special she is, reminding her that you are thinking of her, and telling her what she means to you. But sometimes, finding the right words can be hard.

That’s why we’ve done the legwork with this extensive run-down of 70+ good night messages text for her. They will do the job, whether you want something romantic or just to let your partner know they are always in your thoughts.

So take a moment or two to scroll through these charming and heartfelt messages packed with lovey-doveyness – there will be one that encapsulates exactly what you feel.

The upshot: seeing how much she is loved and cherished should help make your other half’s heart light up!

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Table of Contents

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. Best Good Night Sleep Well Texts
  2. Cute Good Night to Send Her
  3. Flirty Good Night Messages to Send
  4. Romantic Good Night Messages for Your Special One
  5. Best Good Night Texts to Send with Images
Best Good Night Sleep Well Texts

Best Good Night Sleep Well Texts

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As the day ends and the sun goes down, there is one thing you must always remember to do: wish your loved ones the best possible sleep. It’s a small act of love and kindness that goes a long way.

Here are some examples of what you can say in your good night message:

  1. Good night, my love. I hope you have sweet and lovely dreams just like you.

  2. Look at the sky filled with stars. It’s my heart saying, “I’m here beside you.” Good night

  3. I hope I am in all your dreams because I see you in mine all the time. Sweet dreams, sleep well.

  4. The moon is shining so brightly tonight. It almost feels like it’s looking out just for you. Good night, my darling.

  5. All I wanted was to be present so that I could wish you good night instead of just texting you this message.

  6. Every day, I love you more than I did yesterday. Sweet dreams, and have a beautiful sleep!

  7. Sleep peacefully, knowing that I love you more with every new day.

  8. Nights are longer than the days because I am not with you.

  9. May your dreams be as beautiful as your smile.

  10. I wish we could cuddle all night long… and fall asleep after watching our favorite movie.

  11. Goodnight to the person who makes butterflies fly around in my stomach.

  12. The night is silent, the night is beautiful, the night is calm, and the night is peaceful… But no night is complete without you.

  13. The night is the time for rest – but not for me because I am constantly thinking of you in my dreams. Good night, sleep tight.

  14. It only takes one second in the morning to think about you, but the smile I get on my face lasts the whole day.

  15. Just like the stars above, may your dreams twinkle with happiness and hope. Goodnight, my babe!

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Cute Good Night to Send Her

Cute Good Night to Send Her

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Are you into cute words? Then, before going to bed, it is the perfect time for you to express your love. To make it even easier, here are some cute good-night messages that could be just what you’re looking for:

  1. Goodnight, my love! I hope your dreams are filled with sweetness and warmth.

  2. Through this message, I’m sending you a big hug full of kisses so that they keep you warm throughout the night.

  3. May your sleep be as beautiful as yours, sweetie pie. Have a good night!

  4. Remember that thinking about you before sleeping makes me very happy. Sleep well, darling.

  5. My sweetheart, may tonight’s sky be full of stars and their beauty follow through into your dreams. Good night, cutie!

  6. Just remember, even in my dreams, we always spend them together! Sweet dreams, darling

  7. Tomorrow morning, I’ll give you all the greetings and hugs physically, but until then, enjoy one peaceful, dreamy sleep!

  8. Every day with you feels like a dream come true...and now it’s time for sweet dreams of our own!

  9. Goodnight to the girl who brightens up my world every single day.

  10. Sending love and good vibes before we close our eyes for another beautiful day together tomorrow.

  11. If anyone ever asks me who brightens up my world every single day? The answer will always remain the same no matter what- YOU DO BABY GIRL!

  12. You make even the darkest nights seem bright with your presence. May you have a beautiful sleep, my love.

  13. As you lay down to sleep tonight, may your dreams be bathed in the enchanting glow of morning light. Goodnight and sweet dreams!

  14. You are definitely not alone in dreaming about us together, babe. Wanna know how I know? Because every single night while lying down, that’s exactly what my dreams are always full of!

  15. With your presence, even nights appear brighter. Have a beautiful sleep, honey!

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Flirty Good Night Messages to Send

Flirty Good Night Messages to Send

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Do you want to send flirty goodnight messages to make her think of you? Below are some carefully crafted sweet good night messages for you to choose from. They are intended to make her feel wanted and remind her that you care for her:

  1. I just wanted to wish you goodnight. But, hey, do you know you always look sexy even while asleep?

  2. I’m thinking about those beautiful eyes of yours tonight. I can’t wait to wake up next to you tomorrow. Good night, honey!

  3. Goodnight, lovely. I hope everything you dream of is something that will make you happy — including me!

  4. When going to bed, remember there’s someone out there who’s thinking of you as they fall asleep. Yeah, that person is none other than me!

  5. You’re an angel in human form. I’m imagining how your wings would feel against my skin right about now.

  6. Tonight, I’d love nothing more than to be lying next to you, holding you close. Sleep well, and sweet dreams.

  7. Want to know a secret? Well, I know the best thing to make us have the most amazing dreams – it’s simple: just YOU + ME = Perfect!

  8. Hey, instead of counting sheep when you can’t sleep, how about we each think of one thing we like about each other… Trust me, it’s better than any fairytale!

  9. One day, I’ll hug you so tight that all your worries will vanish into thin air. Until then, good night!

  10. It occurred to me tonight that if thoughts were like DJs spinning records, I’d be playing hits from the 80s remix.

  11. Whenever I picture perfection, it’s always with you in it. Every single time. Without fail.

  12. What are you up to for the rest of your life? I’d like to spend it cuddling with you.

  13. If dreaming about being with you is a crime, then I volunteer to be a lawbreaker. Sleep well, temptress.

  14. You can’t sleep? Well, that’s a coincidence because, in my time zone, it’s the hours of the day when naughty thoughts like to creep into people’s minds.

  15. Whenever I think of how drop-dead gorgeous you are, I can’t help but wear the biggest smile on my face.

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Romantic Good Night Messages for Your Special One

Romantic Good Night Messages for Your Special One

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Romantic Good Night Messages for Your Special One

If you are into romance, then it is important to send love-filled texts every now and then. Look at the romantic good night messages below and select the one that best expresses your feelings, then forward it to her:

  1. The presence of the moon makes me remember how we value each other. Sleep well, dear, goodnight.

  2. I think about you when it is dark. It means our love is unlimited.

  3. I desire that one day, I will sleep and wake up without saying goodbye.

  4. Ever since I met you, you always put on my face before I sleep. Good night, my love.

  5. Our love becomes stronger with each dream we share. Good night, babe!

  6. This message is a warm hug and kisses for you to have a beautiful night ahead. Sleep well, darling.

  7. Every day has been wonderful because of you. Now, let’s make our sleep tonight exceptional, too, in our fantasies, my love.

  8. Look at the stars when they shine for you. Each one is a kiss that I am sending to you.

  9. There is no limit that can hold back our love, just like this sky with no boundary.

  10. No matter how far apart we are, we always meet in dreams – see you tonight!

  11. Nighttime is hard for me because I can’t wait till morning to see your smile again.

  12. Dreams seem real when they feature you by my side – hoping for more moments like this as you sleep.

  13. One day, I will not have to imagine what it feels like to hold you because it will be right there and then – goodnight!

  14. I wish you were here with me right now. Good night, and until we can be together again, know that dreaming of you keeps me sane.

  15. The thought of not being able to hold you close sometimes keeps me awake at night. Sleep well, my dear!

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Best Good Night Texts to Send with Images

Best Good Night Texts to Send with Images

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If you would like to make your goodnight wish more special, why not consider using a beautiful image with your message? This will definitely

What are some of the things you can text her at night? See some cute and funny good-night messages below:

  1. I wish you a night as lovely as yours, filled with lots of dreams.

  2. May your night be filled with love and stars as you enjoy your sleep.

  3. Before you sleep, always remember I love you dearly, and you mean so much to me.

  4. Before we both go to sleep and meet each other in dreamland, I want to remind you that I care about you deeply.

  5. May the moonlight create a path to guide you through the night as you enjoy your sleep.

  6. Every night, I go to bed feeling grateful because I have you.

  7. Your beauty is incomprehensible. It’s like looking at millions of galaxies lighting up the night sky. Sleep tight, my dear.

  8. You are on my mind constantly, even as I am about to sleep and immediately after I open my eyes in the morning. Sweet dreams!

  9. They say that if you dream of someone, it means that person is also dreaming of you. So, even though we’re far apart, I know we’ll meet in our dreams. Have a good night's


  10. My nights are full of amazing experiences because of the love you showed me throughout the day. Sleep well, my dear!

  11. Imagine me next to you whenever you feel lonely, and somehow... someday... it will come true. Restful sleep, my love!

  12. In this beautiful night sky where, we can’t see each other’s faces but can still feel closeness because we bask in the same moonlight.

  13. As this day comes to an end, remember that I'm always here for you-even in our dreams. Good night!

  14. Just as the stars twinkle above us, know that my love for you shines brighter than anything else in this world.

  15. No matter where life takes us tomorrow, tonight I just want to hold you in my dreams. Good night, my babe!

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The ability to send cute goodnight texts to your girlfriend is not just another mundane task. It’s an opportunity; it’s an occasion where you express love and care for her and make her head off to bed, thinking: “I’m so lucky.”

With these best goodnight pickup lines to send her, you can create magical moments that will stay with her forever – in the simplest possible way.

So let technology be on your side, put a little thought into adding some romance – and choose carefully. What you write will linger long after she has turned off the light. It’s those small things that mean everything in love.

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