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Hinge Ban, all you need to know 2023 edition

A Hinge ban can be incredibly frustrating but if it happens to you, you've got options. Hinge is slowly starting to roll out some appeal options and if all else fails you can always make a new account — we'll show you how.
hinge ban all you need to know 2022 edition

Did you know that Tinder and Hinge were owned by the same company? Match Group, the parent company (which obviously runs also owns OkCupid and some other niche dating apps. What does that have to do with getting banned from Hinge? Well it turns out that if you screw up badly enough on one of the platforms, that ban can follow you to other apps, too. Worst of all, there's no real appeals process.

Obviously for a dating app to be a safe place for users, it's important that people can report accounts that are engaging in bad behavior. But because so much of the process is automated, that process can also backfire and get the wrong people banned from Hinge and unable to access the Hinge app.

All you need to succeed in this day and age is be appropriate. Understand the social climate and take care not to offend anybody, so you don’t get banned from anywhere. That’s easier said than done — luckily, you can have the team at ROAST make your profile look as polite and inviting as possible. They’ll be the first to tell you when your bio is inappropriate, so just take their advice and you’ll come equipped with a Hinge profile that shines. Try ROAST today.

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Table of Content

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. What does it mean to be banned from Hinge?
  2. Why was your Hinge account banned?
  3. How to get unbanned from Hinge?
what does it mean to be banned from hinge

What does it mean to be banned from Hinge?

When you're banned from Hinge, you'll no longer have access to your account. Unlike with a Hinge shadowban, there's no question about whether your account has been outright banned. You won't be able to log in and see your profile — instead, you'll get a message letting you know your account was banned.

You won't have access to any of your matches or messages — so this is a good reminder to get the phone number of the people you're talking to, or at least move to a more reliable chat platform, or even to social media like Instagram.

How long does a Hinge ban last?

Just like a Tinder ban, unless you can get Hinge to accept your appeal (detailed below) then a Hinge ban is permanent. A ban is considered a final step once Hinge has determined a user isn't welcome on the platform, whether their profile was evaluated by a human or flagged by the algorithm.

Avoid getting on the algorithm’s bad side by going with the help of team of profile consultants. ROAST is run by experts who know how to make a successful Hinge profile, so not only will you steer clear of trouble, you’ll also get more matches on Hinge. ROAST even has an AI that analyzes how your profile looks against known successes! Try it today.

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why was your hinge account banned

Why was your Hinge account banned?

ROAST, fix your profile

If your ban was a mistake, it might be difficult to avoid having it happen again. But it's still worth making sure you give the Hinge terms another look to make sure you're not breaking any of the rules by accident. And it's also a good idea to make sure you're not engaging in any behaviors that make the other users mad enough at you to report your account.

You're on the app looking for potential matches, not enemies!

Here are some general guidelines to follow:

  • Remember that the first line of defense on the app is robotic, so details can be missed. Avoid posting any links (especially to pay sites like Venmo.) It doesn't matter what good cause you're fundraising for, the robots will assume you're soliciting for something illegal. Put a space after periods so that the bot doesn’t mistake your text as a link.

  • Keep your content PG-13. Don't post any naughty pictures as part of your profile and don't send anything explicit via message either. Users regularly complain about these kind of messages and you'll definitely get reported.

  • Play well with others! Don't say anything on the app you wouldn't say at family dinner with grandma.

  • Avoid looking like a spammer or fake account — and that means don't send the same message to all of your matches. That's the kind of thing it's easy for the algorithm to catch and it makes your profile look suspicious, which can lead to a ban.

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  • Use dating apps for their intended purpose, and don't try to hack the system. Don't automate anything about your dating process and don't rely on third party apps.

  • If you've gotten banned and needed to start over, chalk it up to one of those life experiences you're able to learn from, so you don't need to repeat the same mistakes again.
how to get unbanned from hinge

How to get unbanned from Hinge?

If you find yourself with your Hinge account banned, here's what you can do about it to try and get unbanned.

Try an appeal submission

If there's a silver lining to this situation, it's that dating apps are starting to realize they've got a ban problem. Many users, including trans people, have reported being banned as part of harassment campaigns, rather than for violating any community guidelines.

While the companies aren't acting fast enough, the moderation team will sometimes take a look at accounts that were banned through an automated process, and an appeals submission form can even be accessed if you contact customer support.

An appeal is your best first step, especially if you think you weren't banned for a legitimate reason.

Make a new Hinge account

If your appeal doesn't work, your only option is to make a new account. And doing that is kind of a hassle, so buckle in.

For starters, you'll need different information for signing up than you used the first time. The most common way that people get a Hinge account is with their phone number, so you'll need to start with a new phone number.

The good news is that a new phone number isn't too hard to get these days. You won't need a new phone, you can simply use a tool like Google voice to get a new phone number that you can run on your same device.

Next, you'll need to set up your profile using all new information to help make sure you don't get banned again. Remember, if you were dinged because of user reports, you don't want your account to be immediately identifiable as the same person. That means creating an all new Hinge profile with new Hinge prompt answers, new pictures, and new social accounts linked — if you choose that option.

One way to ensure you don’t get banned again is by making a profile that truly shines. You don’t always know how your sense of humor will come off to strangers, so go with a failsafe: someone who will craft a profile that can’t be misinterpreted. ROAST is a personalized app and service that’ll fix up your profile so that it helps you meet the right person. Start by taking their quiz.

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They say all is fair in love and war... but some things on dating apps clearly aren't fair. Because the system for getting banned from Hinge isn't very transparent, and because it's so difficult to appeal a Hinge ban, your best bet is always to lay low and not get banned in the first place. Instead of spamming likes or using a third-party program, maybe you just need to find out what makes people on Hinge the most compatible.

One way to avoid getting banned on Hinge is to have a great profile. People often aren’t the best judges of themselves, so let an impartial and professional third party help you out. ROAST will tweak your profile so that it becomes more attractive to more people, complete with AI analysis of your profile pictures. Try ROAST today.

Just like investments, it can be a good idea to diversify your online dating strategy and make sure you're using dating sites owned by more than one parent company.

As more people get banned from Hinge and other apps — that means more complaints to Match Group employees and Hinge staff members. And hopefully that will also mean Hinge support begins to take this problem more seriously, and creates an easier to use appeal process so users don't need to create new accounts every time something goes wrong. After all, this is time that could be better used by improving your existing dating profiles, not creating new ones!

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