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Hinge Match Disappeared Suddenly? Try these fixes now!

Getting your favorite Hinge match to disappear from your Hinge profile is a nightmare. Because once a match is lost, it becomes impossible to bring it back. But not now. We have the right fix for this problem. Try now!
hinge match disappeared suddenly try these fixes now

Matching on Hinge is a huge deal because, who knows, they might be your potential future partner. But your beautiful dreams shatter brutally when that valuable Hinge match disappears unexpectedly into thin air.

One reason can be that the match deleted their Hinge account, but the stakes are also high for some hidden technical glitches. Therefore we suggest you try the top fixes that users recommended before giving up all hope.

However, do remember that upsetting a user can lead to account termination or being unmatched by them. To avoid such incidents, stay respectful and considerate towards all app users. Refer to the Hinge code of conduct in the setting's option.

Today's article discusses multiple fixes and why your matches keep disappearing now and then. Let's find out more.

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Table of Content

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. 5 Reasons Why your Hinge Match Disappears
  2. How to know if someone deleted their account?
  3. How to unmatch on Hinge
  4. Top fixes for Hinge when your Match Disappears
5 reasons why your hinge match disappears

5 Reasons Why your Hinge Match Disappears

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One fine morning when you find your match disappearing, it can be due to several reasons. Here we discuss some most common ones:

The user deleted their account

The user you are trying to reach has deleted their Hinge account. Unfortunately, there is no specific way to be sure of this, and another bad news is that once you lose a match, you can neither recover nor view your chats with them.

When a person decides to take the profile down from the app, their data is permanently erased, including chats, history, and other details. In such circumstances, you are left with the option to move on.

The user intentionally or accidentally unmatched you

Another possible explanation is that the user intentionally or accidentally unmatched you on the app. Your access to the chat logs and match history will be terminated whether they have lost interest in you and decided to remove you intentionally or deleted your match accidentally.

Technical glitch

Large online dating apps like Hinge often face inconvenience due to unexpected system crashes. Their extensive user base, security issues, or server breakdown can all lead to such inconveniences. You may get logged out and lose matches or chat logs due to technical glitches.

Matches in the chat section

Sometimes, the match might move to the chat section, where you get all your messages from your fellow users. It can even happen accidentally without any notification.

Old matches

Hinge moves the match to the hidden chat section of the app if the communication between the two is not active for 14 days. It is because Hinge believes in keeping the active chats on top to access them easily.

To keep a match on your top list, you need to maintain the consistency of talking with them now and then. Besides, we recommend you keep checking the hidden message section as the chat logs and matches often end up without any specific reason.

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how to know if someone deleted their account

How to know if someone deleted their account?

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The Hinge app does not notify the matches when someone deletes their account. However, some vague hints can help you in knowing what happened. The major one is that their account disappears from the app, and you can no longer chat or match with them. But the same thing happens when they unmatch your profile.

The best way to know for sure is to contact them on other platforms if they share their contact details with you while chatting.

how to unmatch on hinge

How to unmatch on Hinge

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Unmatching on Hinge is a private affair. The app does not notify the other users of unmatching and profile cancelations. It is to ensure privacy and safety.

If you are no longer interested in someone's profile or don't feel comfortable keeping the conversation going, you can unfriend them instantly. And no notification will be sent to them.

But if you are really into someone, you must maintain an ongoing line of communication with them.

Who can remove the Hinge matches?

Only the users who have matched can remove the matches. Not even the Hinge app can remove the match. When a match or conversation disappears from your inbox, it might be because the user unmatched your profile or the chat is moved to the hidden messages due to lack of interaction.

Sometimes, the Hinge app is down for maintenance; therefore, once the system runs, you will need your login details for that same account to sign back in.

Contact customer service if you cannot access your account.

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top fixes for hinge when your match disappears

Top fixes for Hinge when your Match Disappears

Steps before reseting

Restart the App

The initial solution to resolve any technical glitches on a dating app is to reinstall the app. If you feel lazy about uninstalling the app entirely, then try 'Force Stop' the app from the phone's settings.

If you fail this step, then you will have to take the bitter step of uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

Restarting and reinstalling the app removes the unnecessary data, caches, and bugs that often affect the app's functioning.

Bad internet connection?

To enjoy the best experience of the Hinge app, you will need a secure, stable internet connection. A bad internet connection hinders loading the profile features, including the matched profiles and chats.

If you have a stable connection and the problem persists, check whether the app system is functioning properly. Because in that case, you can only contact the Hinge support service and wait for the app's function again.

Log in and out of your account

Logging in and out of your account is often reported to resolve the chatting problem. When your profile is not set up properly, it can cause an issue with the matching. So, ensure your account is secure with a strong password.

The app limits the service if your profile is not properly set up. Keep checking the notifications for any alert related to setting up your account.

Treat everyone with kindness

Hinge demands maintaining a kind, courteous relationship with all the users you match and chat with. When looking for meaningful relationships, kindness can be your key to success. Therefore we highly recommend you be conscious of your behavior and words.

However, if someone's behavior disturbs you can unmatch and report them. Remember the golden rule treat others as you wish to be treated. It will take you to beautiful places and even better matches.

Using foul language and unacceptable behavior can jeopardize your account and progress.

Accidentally Unmatched

One of the scenarios can be that your match got deleted accidentally. We all have suffered from pressing the delete button at the wrong time.

Such incidents are natural and don't mean that you are being ignored. However, there is no way to recover your lost likes or chats. To avoid such mishaps, we recommend you keep multiple communication methods, whether a social media account, another dating app, or a phone number.

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Hinge is an excellent dating site if you enjoy its benefits. But when you find your matches missing, it's a matter of great concern. But we believe that trying simple fixes will help you get your deleted matches back. If you'd simply like to make more matches in general, you can always become a Hinger Preferred Member.

You can contact Hinge customer service if the problem doesn't seem to resolve.

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