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How To Like Someone on Hinge Dating App

Learn how to let that special someone know you're interested on Hinge dating app. This guide covers the simple process to like a profile and stand out in their feed.
How To Like Someone On Hinge?

Welcome to the world of Hinge, where true love and deep connections await. In a crowded field of other dating apps, Hinge has positioned itself as an app “designed to be deleted.” But before you reach that point, you’ve got to know how to get a match on Hinge.

In this article, we’ll explain what it takes for your like on someone’s profile to become one of those oh-so-elusive ‘you have a match’ notifications on your phone.

We’ll also share some tips and tricks about how best to increase your chances of matching with more people on the popular online dating app. So sit back, relax, and let us take you through liking someone’s profile on Hinge.

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Table of Contents

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. What Is Hinge?
  2. How to Like Someone on Hinge
What Is Hinge?

What Is Hinge?

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In the crowded field of dating apps, Hinge stands out with its tagline: “Designed to be deleted.” The app is looking for meaningful connections and long-term relationships—“not a game or a hookup,” according to its website.

Similar to popular dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble, users can browse through one another’s profiles and swipe right if they’re interested or left if they’re not. But two standout features — Prompts and Standouts — help make Hinge work a little different.

Hinge prompts are short questions that add some character (or humor) to your profile. Answering three during sign-up will display your answers on your profile. That lets Hinge users get a sense of who you really are – “your true self” – and also gives people an easy conversation starter.

Standouts are another way users can distinguish themselves or their matches from the rest of the pack. It offers up a list of the most compatible matches based on mutual likes and preferences, giving users better odds at finding someone they’re truly compatible with. 

Hinge has built an experience-based brand around helping singles find sustainable relationships rather than just swipes. With its user-friendly interface and customizable options, this sets it apart from other mobile matchmaking services.

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How to Like Someone on Hinge

How to Like Someone on Hinge

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If you’re not sure how to express your interest, it’s easy to like someone on Hinge. Let’s go over the procedure step by step just so you know exactly what to do.

Step 1: Open the Hinge App

Start by ensuring you have installed the app on your device and open it. If you haven’t already, download it for free from either Apple’s iPhone App Store or Android’s Google Play Store, then get ready for a world of meaningful connections.

With the Hinge application installed on your device, open it up and begin building your profile. Sign-up is simple and requires standard information such as name, email address, date of birth, and location alone.

But here’s where things start getting more interesting with Hinge account - there’s also an opportunity during sign-up to provide more information about yourself if you want.

For example, feel free to share details about height, religion (or lack thereof), political beliefs – whatever helps better showcase who you are and who might be interested in connecting.

Step 2: Browse Profiles

Ready to take the plunge into browsing potential matches? After you’ve downloaded Hinge and set up your own profile, it’s time to explore all those dating options. There is so many Hinge users that sometimes it feels like they’re infinite. Each one gives a little snapshot of someone’s life and interests.

As you scroll through them, give each profile a careful once-over (that goes beyond just the photo – although obviously, that matters big time, too). Zero in on information provided beyond just photos: prompts answered, photos shared, hobbies, interests, or aspirations articulated.

Hinge encourages users to connect with specific aspects of another person’s profile – whether that’s Liking a prompt response they can relate to or an intriguing photo from their recent travels: don’t be shy about hitting that heart button!

Attraction is not just physical – chemistry is real! – but remember, compatibility has deeper roots. So take your time while browsing all those gazillions of profiles: keep clicking until genuine interest leads you to Hinge matches who truly catch your eye.

Step 3: Tap the Heart Icon

Have you ever come across a Hinge profile that immediately grabbed your attention and piqued your curiosity? If so, it’s time to make a move and let this person know. And how do you do that? You tap the heart icon!

When you hit that heart on someone’s profile, it says: “Hey there! I’m into you and would like to connect.” It’s sort of like saying, “I think we could be really great together.”

FYI: Liking someone’s profile doesn’t mean an instant Hinge match. The other person can still choose whether they want to like or reject your profile — consider it a digital mating dance.

Here’s how it might go down: You spot an awesome profile with top-notch photos and a killer response to one of our prompts. You feel an immediate connection and just can’t resist tapping that heart – thrilled at the possibility of matching with this intriguing human.

Using the unpaid Hinge plan, one can only send 8 “likes” on a daily basis. If every profile likes you in return, then there are eight potential matches. The allocated “likes” refresh at four in the morning locally every day.

Nevertheless, if you use the paid version of the app and are Hinge preferred member, you are allowed to send as many “likes” as they wish.

So go ahead – make moves when someone catches your eye! Just remember: We need mutual interest for the magic to happen. Not every like leads to one!

Step 4: Optional - Use Standouts or Roses

If you’re trying to show interest in Hinge (or other dating app), liking someone’s profile is the main way to do it. But there are a couple of extra features of Hinge algorithm that can add a little finesse to your interaction – if you want.

First up: Standouts. This feature gives you a list of the most compatible matches based on mutual likes and preferences. To access the Standouts feed, simply tap on the star icon that is in the menu.

Think of it as an expertly curated selection of potential matches delivered straight to your index finger, so if you’re looking for highly compatible connections, this is where you need to be clicking.

Next: Roses. This feature lets you send virtual gifts to someone who’s caught your eye and shows off some of Hinge’s “fun” side – think of sending a bouquet of roses as a sweet gesture in the digital world.

Every Sunday you receive a free Rose with the opportunity of buying more in sets of three, twelve as well as fifty to get more matches.

If used well, these features can help catch attention in a fun way, but don’t get too hung up on using either Roses or Standouts – they aren’t necessary at all when making yourself known.

The key is simply hitting like and starting a conversation with them – stand out from the crowd by being yourself! However, if adding an extra touch makes things more fun for you, then they’re definitely worth exploring.

Step 5: Wait for a Match

Congratulations! You’ve mustered up the courage to tap that tantalizing ‘like’ button on someone’s Hinge profile. Now comes the exhilarating bit – waiting for a match.

On Hinge, for a match to occur, you need to like somebody, and they need to like you back (a “mutual match”). But don’t worry – while it might feel as though you’re playing the waiting game, behind-the-scenes algorithms are hard at work helping facilitate meaningful connections.

So, while you wait patiently (or not so), keep checking out other profiles, growing your own, and engaging with standout people. After all, your next notification could be a message announcing: “It’s a match!”

Remember: matching isn’t an exact science; there are myriad factors at play, from personal preferences and proximity to timing.

So don’t get disheartened if it doesn’t happen instantly. Stay positive and keep exploring – Mr or Miss Perfect could be just around the corner.

Step 6: Start a Conversation

Once two individuals indicate interest in one another via Hinge, a mutual match occurs. This validates that initial chat of “hi and hello” so that you can interact more and discover each other. Here is how you can take the lead with someone who has caught your attention.

  • Make your opening line count: Forget about cliches and demonstrate to the other person that you are genuinely interested in him or her. For example, if they love traveling and have holiday pictures saying, “Your travel photos look great! So, where do you think you had the best vacation?”

  • Flaunt some charisma: An extra little bit of comedy or smartness goes a long way – remember, it’s okay if you’re not funny, too.

  • Ask questions: Initiate conversations by posing queries derived from the profile data that intrigued you, such as their pastimes, aspirations, etc.

  • Keep things flowing: It doesn’t make sense for you to strand someone. Therefore, if you’re interested in continuing the conversation, inform them by replying back in a timely manner (but don’t worry).

Remember that sincerity and authenticity go a long way in building a meaningful connection. As the conversation unfolds, remain genuine and express sincere interest in what they share. Avoid scripted responses and embrace the spontaneity of a real conversation.


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Kudos! All the tools you require to ace Hinge’s features are now at your fingertips. Remember, personal engagement and sincerity are key to making a meaningful connection.

Make the most of Hinge’s unique features — such as Prompts (showcasing your personality) or Standouts (so that there’s more fish in your sea) — as you navigate the dating app land with an open mind.

Be yourself and have fun – a little effort plus some charm will raise your chances of meeting someone real enough to possibly delete Hinge for good. Happy swiping!

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