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Hinge Roses: What Are They, and How do they Work?

Hinge roses are like Tinder's superlikes. But not only! They have other aspects that could be super useful for you. Find everything in this article.
hinge roses what are they and how do they work

There are all kinds of ways to attract someone's attention on the Hinge dating app. You could upload some killer profile pictures, include some hilarious Hinge prompt answers, or send likes to other Hinge users. If you want to really amp up your dating app game, though, you can use a feature called "Hinge Roses". Hinge added this feature so that users can stand out from the crowd if needed. Rather than relying on a put-together profile or interesting pickup lines, users can give a strong indication of their interest by sending a Rose.

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Table of Content

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. What are Hinge Roses?
  2. How do Hinge Roses work?
  3. Why you should use Hinge Roses
  4. Hinge Roses FAQ
  5. Will you start using Hinge Roses?
what are hinge roses

What are Hinge Roses?

Steps before reseting

Roses on Hinge are a bit like super-charged "likes". You can send them to Hinge users in your Discover or Standout feeds to communicate that you're very interested in getting to know them better. It is similar to a superswipe on Bumble or a superlike on Tinder.

The Discover feed is your main feed on Hinge, where you can explore profiles, meet new people, and start conversations. You have the option to like their profile, or you could send a Rose instead.

The Standout section is essentially a curated list of popular profiles who are also compatible with your requirements on the dating app. Just like with other users, you can begin communicating with Standouts with either a like, or a Rose. While it's up to you to decide which strategy to pursue, you should know that Hinge claims that Roses are twice as effective as normal likes when it comes to getting a date.

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how do hinge roses work

How do Hinge Roses work?

ROAST, make your profile work

To send a Rose in the Discover feed: tap the heart-shaped icon on the user's prompt answer or photo, add a message (if desired), and then hit the Rose icon to complete the process.

To send a Rose to a Standout: tap the Rose button next to the Standout profile. You'll have the option to send a message along with the Rose; it's recommended that you do, for greater impact!

The process of sending a Hinge Rose is pretty simple; the trick is to make sure you're using them strategically. After all, you only have a limited number of Roses to use, so you want to make each one count.

This feature also has another advantage, besides simply communicating your intentions to other users. Some Hinge users only rarely check their accounts, so they may ignore "like" notifications. If they see that they're getting Roses on Hinge, however, they may be more inclined to see who sent it.

why you should use hinge roses

Why you should use Hinge Roses

Tinder get more matches

In a nutshell, sending a Rose increases your chances of securing a date on Hinge.

When you're using a popular dating app like Hinge, you'll probably have to compete with other users to gain the attention of anyone who's caught your interest. If they don't automatically fall for your winning profile photo or sparkling personality, how can you sincerely compliment people and prove that you're serious? Sending a Hinge Rose is one way to do that.

In other words, Roses are for the people who want to make extra sure that they find success on the dating app. Any Hinge member who's tired of hitting the like button can use Roses instead. They'll get a limited number of free Roses every month, but there's also the option to buy more Roses if desired.

Roses are a great alternative to boosts to gain more visibility and matches.

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hinge roses faq

Hinge Roses FAQ

Steps before reseting

Since this feature is unique to the Hinge dating app, new users may not know how it works. If this is the situation you're in, just keep reading to get your questions answered!

Do Hinge Roses only work for Hinge Standouts?

No; Roses can be sent to any user on the dating app. The process is slightly different depending on which feed you're browsing (Standout vs. Discover), but that's the only difference between the two types of profiles where Roses are concerned.

How often do I get one free Rose?

Users with either free or paid accounts get one free Rose every Sunday. This weekly Rose has to be used by the next refill period, or it will disappear from your account.

How can I get additional Roses?

If one free Rose per week isn't enough, you can purchase more at any time; this is available for both free and paid memberships.

When should I send a Rose on Hinge?

Since Roses are meant to be a feature that emphasizes quality over quantity, they aren't something you should send to just anyone. It's completely up to you to decide when to send a Rose, but it's recommended to save them for the people you're genuinely interested in.

How much do Hinge Roses cost?

This will depend on how many Roses you're buying. Hinge motivates users to buy more Roses by making them slightly cheaper per Rose when you purchase more of them.

  • For 3 Roses, the cost is $12.69
  • For 12 Roses, the cost is $37.92
  • For 50 Roses, the cost is $93.50

To some people, this is just a blatant cash grab. For others, though, it's just part of their monthly entertainment budget; they don't mind splurging to improve their chances on the dating app.

Can I save up Hinge Roses?

If you're talking about free Roses, then no, those can't be saved from one week to the next. If you bought additional Roses, though, those will stay valid until you get a chance to use them.

Do I need a paid Hinge account to send Roses?

Not at all! Every type of Hinge account (free or paid) gets one free Rose per week, and has the option to purchase more as well.

will you start using hinge roses

Will you start using Hinge Roses?

Steps before reseting

Regardless of how serious you are while using dating apps, Hinge Roses can be a fun feature if you're playing to win. Plus, you get one free Rose per week anyway; you might as well use it and see what happens! And if you want to have an edge over the competition, Hinge Roses are a great way to instantly get yourself to the top of the list.

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Hinge roses must not have any secret for you anymore. Will you start using them? For sure the free ones at your disposal. Did you find more efficient ways of getting the most out of them? If so, tell us! We will share the best ideas with everyone.

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