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How does Hinge Work? The Dating App Designed to be Deleted!

Leave the guessing game of how Hinge works and learn how you can benefit from the marvelous features of this awesome app.
how does hinge work the dating app designed to be deleted

Hinge is an online dating app that is designed to be deleted. Meaning it promises such an exceptional dating experience that you will end up with your soulmate and subsequently deleting the app.

It's a location-based dating app that helps you connect with other singles around you and potentially find meaningful connections that are both convenient and fulfilling.

Despite its great ideology, Hinge works much, similarly to other popular dating apps like Tinder and Bumble. It shows you pictures of potential matches they can either like or reject, and a match is formed if both parties express interest in each other.

However, what distinguishes Hinge from other dating apps are its unique features: Hinge's Prompts – short questions to add a flair to your Hinge profile and Hinge Standouts – a list of the most compatible matches.

So why waste time swiping through endless profiles on other dating apps? Let's explore this quite trending dating app and see how Hinge works and how you can make it work in your favor.

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Table of Content

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. What is Hinge?
  2. How does the Hinge algorithm work?
  3. How do you match on Hinge?
  4. How to get Started on the Hinge App?
what is hinge

What is Hinge?

Hinge is one of the most popular dating apps for people looking for meaningful relationships. Launched in 2012, Hinge had a swiping interface like Tinder which was later shifted to a relationship app.

In 2018, Hinge was acquired by Match Group, an owner of other popular dating platforms like Match, Tinder, POF, and OkCupid.

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how does the hinge algorithm work

How does the Hinge algorithm work?

ROAST, make your profile work

The hinge algorithm is one of the most accurate online dating algorithms. The app’s algorithm is so strong that it only suggests people that match your idea of a perfect partner.

Three out of four Hinge matches end up going on a second date. In contrast, many people on Hinge get married or in serious relationships.

So how does Hinge work to make it happen?

The Hinge algorithm considers everything that you share on your profile. The more accurate information you share, the better matches you will get. Hinge determines profiles to help you find the Most Compatible partner, so they consider all the features, filters, and interests you share on your profile.

Other important factors of your profile include interests, prompt answers, and religion before suggesting potential matches. The algorithm will even consider the locality and age of your matches. Since Hinge users are looking for serious relationships, Hinge always suggests the most compatible partner for its users.

It considers your advanced preferences to find a perfect match on the platform, which makes it one of the best dating apps on the market. The Hinge Discover features predict your preferences even if you have never mentioned them on your profile.

Additionally, Hinge is the only dating site that provides both a free member and a Hinge-preferred member with a pool of great matches.

how do you match on hinge

How do you match on Hinge?

The Hinge algorithm suggests to you user profiles based on your preferences and in-app interactions that you can either “like” to accept or “pass” to reject a profile. To access the potential matches, you have different options:

1. Hinge Discover Feed

Tap on the H icon at the bottom of the screen to access the Discover Feed. Explore the endless stream of profiles one by one carefully. You must Like or Pass the user's profile before suggesting another one.

The Hinge dating app also lists the Most Compatible match every day. The Most Compatible feature suggests a profile best suited to your preferences and someone looking for someone like you.

The Most Compatible matches will appear at the top of your Discover section. You can Like a specific part of a person's profile, like their prompt answers or photos, to start chatting.

• Tap on the heart icon at the right corner of the picture or content.

• Then you can send a comment or a rose with a Like.

Free members can like eight profiles daily, with likes resetting at 4 am. Tap the X if you are uninterested in any of the suggested profiles.

2. Hinge Standout Feed

The special Standouts Feed of Hinge features great prompts and photos from popular users most compatible with you.

Click on the star icon at the bottom of your screen to access the Standouts feed. The app prepares the Standout feed using your activity and preferences on the Discovery feed.

To open up a hinge user profile, tap on their prompt answers. Again to connect with them, send them a “rose.” The hinge allows you to send one free rose weekly that renews every Sunday.

Hinge’s a la carte purchase also offers roses that you can purchase to send to your favorite matches. Go to the Standout feed, and tap the Roses button in the upper right corner.

Purchased roses never expire, but you can purchase three at a time. Sending a rose gives you priority placement in your potential match’s feed.

3. Hinge Likes You Feed

The Heart icon in the middle of the screen shows you who liked your profile. Free members can review each profile simultaneously, whereas premium subscribers get a grid view to see all the profiles on the screen.

Hinge lets you know which part of the profile they liked or commented on. Then, pass the profile through X or tap the conversation icon to return the like. You can also add a comment on their pictures.

Select the “Match With XYZ” option to connect with them. Exchange free messages and see where thongs go.

4. Hinge Match Feed

The conversation icon at the bottom of your screen allows you to see your active conversations. The Hinge’s “Your Turn” feature reminds you when it's your turn to reply to a conversation. The “Date from Home” feature lets you have a real date experience through a phone or video chat.

You can chat with that person to build mutual understanding before meeting them in person. The app allows you to change your answer and reject the match’s proposal to meet if you are not ready.

Have you ever wondered why Dating apps are working for your friends but not you?

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how to get started on the hinge app

How to get Started on the Hinge App?

Setting up a Hinge profile is pretty simple. Here's how you can do it correctly.

#1: Get the App

Download the app from App Store or Google Play. It is the only dating app that has no web version. It's a smartphone dating app that uses your phone number or Facebook account to create an account.

To create a new account, Hinge requires its new members to have at least 60 Facebook friends to create an account. The existing Hinge members are exempt from this requirement. As for your information, the app can gather data from your Facebook account.

You can edit your information and even hide the information you don't want to display on your profile.

#2: Set up a Killer Hinge Profile

You can choose 3 “Prompts” out of 80+ Hinge's Prompts. With so many prompts, you'll rarely see two people with the same set and answers.

Some Hinge prompts work better than others; therefore, you need to pick the ones that make you the most attractive catch for others.

The Hinge’s voice prompts even let you record the audio answer. As for your photos, you can add six photos or short videos to convey your personality.

Choose photos showing your interests, hobbies, bright character, and fun personality in the coolest places someone has ever seen. Make a profile that helps you stand out!

#3: Set your Hinge Match Criteria

Set the match preferences you can't compromise in a potential match—for instance, age limit, distance, religion, etc. You can even specify if a certain preference is a dealbreaker.

The Plus Members get additional preferences, including height, children, education, drugs, smoking, etc. Now you can build deep connections on the world’s most popular dating app.

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Where other dating apps are about casual flings and hookups, Hinge has proved to be a great platform for finding a compatible partner.

From its sign-up process to choosing from dozen prompts, Hinge is full of features that ensure you end up with a potential match that perfectly depicts your soulmate.

So, get on this popular app that all dating experts swore by to meet and start chatting with people having mutual compatibility.

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