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How to Get More Matches on Tinder in 2023

Getting tinder matches is the dream of most dating apps and Tinder users. This article gives you practical ways to get more, including improving your profile or getting the most out of a subscription.
tinder matches how to get more matches on tinder in 2022

With more than 75 million monthly active users, Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps. It's easy to imagine that with so many prospective matches, finding someone should be easy. Yet it's not always as simple as it seems. Getting more matches on Tinder involves an element of strategy and a little bit of luck.

To get more matches on Tinder, you must create an attractive tinder profile. This article explores several brilliant tips to help you to make your profile more appealing and increase the chances of getting more matches.

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Table of Content

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. Is it normal for men to get no matches on Tinder in 2023?
  2. Why am I getting no matches on Tinder?
  3. How to get more matches on Tinder for guys: 8 Tinder profile tips

Is it normal for men to get no matches on Tinder in 2023?

It is not uncommon for men, even the most attractive ones, to not receive matches on popular dating apps like Tinder.

Many factors can contribute to a low match rate, including the number of active users in your area, the competition for matches, and how your profile is presented. It is also possible that your profile does not resonate with the preferences of the users you seek to match with.

In general, it's essential to remember that online dating can be a numbers game, and receiving a low number of matches doesn't necessarily mean anything is wrong with you.

Since Tinder is mostly about how you present yourself on the app, pictures in bad lighting and ugly selfies can quickly destroy your entire personality for your matches.

Luckily, you can always try adjusting your profile, expanding your search criteria, or taking a break from the dating app and coming back later to see if you get more matches.

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Why am I getting no matches on Tinder?

ROAST, fix your profile

Finding matches on dating apps like Tinder might feel like a complicated jigsaw puzzle. But identifying the reasons why you might not be getting matches on the app can turn around the tables.

Here are seven common reasons you might not be getting matches on Tinder, along with three additional tips for success. With this information in mind, you can make the necessary changes to your profile and approach and increase your chances of finding love on the app.

1.      Your photos are not swipe-worthy:

A common mistake that people make is using poor-quality or unflattering blurry photos as their profile pictures. On Tinder, one low-quality photo can result in a few matches and vice versa. The ideology of posting good pictures on Tinder is simple.

Use good-quality pictures. Post a picture in which you look the most attractive and in your natural form.

Pictures in non-fitting weird clothes should remain only in your camera roll, not on your Tinder profile. Shirtless photos, pixelated selfies, and posed photos destroy your chances of getting more matches.

2.      Unappealing bio:

Another common issue has a lackluster or unappealing bio. Your bio is an opportunity to showcase your personality and give potential matches a reason to swipe right. Writing lame, boring bios ruin your chances of getting more matches on the app.

Ensure your bio is interesting and engaging enough to spark interest and conversations.

3.      Not meeting the algorithm’s expectations

Tinder’s algorithm gives a score based on your actions and reactions. It is known as the Elo score. It considers the relative desirability of your profile and how likely it is that someone will right-swipe your profile. If women with good Elo scores right swipe their profile, the score will improve significantly.

You're less likely to receive matches if you're not actively using Tinder and not having actual conversations. The Tinder algorithm works for profiles that are active, so make sure to swipe often and keep your profile up to date.

4.      You have remote geolocation:

If you live in a small town or rural area, there may be a limited pool of people on Tinder. Check your location settings and keep your range to one mile, or in case of a big city, expand it further to get more potential matches.

This way, you will get more profiles to swipe and match with.

5.      Settings are too restrictive:

You may miss out on potential matches if your settings are too restrictive. For example, if your age range is too narrow, you may exclude people who would be a good fit for you. Consider adjusting your settings to be more open-minded and inclusive.

6.      Swiping right all the time:

Swiping right on every profile can actually decrease your chances of getting matches. Tinder's algorithm considers the number of right swipes you make, and if you're swiping right on every profile, the app may start to think that you're not being selective enough.

Make sure to balance your swipes and only swipe right on profiles that you're genuinely interested in.

Additional Reasons

Here are a few additional reasons you might not be getting matches on Tinder:

●        Poorly written messages: If you're not having success starting conversations with your matches, it may be because your messages are poorly written or unappealing. Take the time to craft thoughtful, engaging messages that show your interest and personality.

●        Outdated profile: If you haven't updated your profile in a while, it may be time to refresh your photos and bio. Make sure your profile accurately reflects who you are and what you're looking for in a match.

●        Not using Tinder Plus or Gold: Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold offer several premium features, including unlimited swipes, the ability to see who has liked your profile, and more. If you're not using these paid versions of the app, you may be disadvantaged compared to other users.

top 8 tips to get more matches on tinder

How to get more matches on Tinder for guys: 8 Tinder profile tips

Men on Tinder can make a striking impression and gather more matches by tweaking their profiles.

Here are our expert tips to help you outshine the competition, make a solid profile, and match with a girl who is the exact depiction of your imagination for a perfect partner.

1. Upload Recent, Good Quality Photos of Yourself

Your photo is the first and most important thing other users notice about you. So you must make an attractive appearance using your recent photos.

Before you upload photos, consider the lighting, angle, background, and composition. Ideally, your first picture should be an attractive selfie or headshot.

Show your smiling face without filters, sunglasses, or excess makeup. If your phone camera can't take high-resolution photos, ask a friend to help you out with their camera.

Take more photos from different angles and with different poses, then select the best among them and upload them on your profile.

2. Avoid Posting Too Many Group Photos

One of the best Tinder tips is to no group photos. A group photo is bad for your tinder profile because it puts you in a “trailer park” of other people and makes it harder to stand out from the crowd.

It’s not that people don’t like to see pictures of your friends and family — it’s just that you want to be unique and special, so showing up with a bunch of other people does the opposite.

If you must include group photos, put them at the end of your Tinder profile. And make sure you stand out from the rest of the people in the group, either through exotic fashion or the most noticeable angle in the photo.

3. Highlight The Best Features in Your Bio

After your profile picture, your tinder bio section is the next best thing people check on your profile, so it's important to highlight your uniqueness in this part of your tinder profile.

A good bio also gives other users an idea about your background and personality. By sharing your personality, you can connect with them deeper and compel them to like your profile or send you a message.

Use hashtags and keywords to draw attention to your best features, like your positive personality or physical traits. You can also talk about your interests, values, and goals. Keep it short and sweet.

4. Like More Profiles

When you swipe right on potential matches that catch your fancy, it increases your chances of connecting with them for free. It's a numbers game. The more people you like, the better your chances of finding a match.

Tinder allows you to like up to 50 profiles within 12 hours. But it doesn't mean you shouldn't swipe left, too, before getting to your last swipe.

Filter your search according to your interest. You can select the desired age range and height preference or choose to see only people who have specified interest in something like "curvy girls" or "long-term relationships" in their profile.

Liking people based on shared interests increases your chance of matching up.

5. Don’t Share Too Much Info on Your Bio

Your bio is one of the most important parts of your online presence. As you write one, try to keep it concise.

Nobody wants to read a long, rambling post that doesn't matter. Write it under 100 words if possible.

You don't have to load up on your hobbies, phone numbers, or past dates. Simplify it to three things: who you are, what you love doing, and why you're awesome.

When someone sees your bio, they might be able to guess additional information about you. Their curiosity will compel them to connect with you.

But when you do all the work for them by saying too much, they'll easily lose interest without second thoughts.

6. Edit Your Discovery Settings

One reason you might get no Tinder matches is Discovery Settings. Discovery Settings on Tinder are a series of options you can adjust to help you find more matches.

You can definite a maximum distance, location, and age range. If your current setting does not showcase the type of profiles you're looking for, consider adjusting these settings according to your preference.

It's important to note that the more information you provide about yourself, the better your chances of finding a suitable match.

To tweak your Discovery Settings, tap the profile icon, select Settings, click on Discovery Settings, and adjust accordingly.

7. Ask Friends to Review Your Profile

Dating apps like Tinder can appear to be quite intimidating at first. You might feel like you’re putting yourself out there for the world to judge, and it can be hard to deal with this insecurity alone.

Asking your friends to review your profile will help you identify any weaknesses and replace them with more attractive and elegant alternatives. Maybe they're more familiar with the platform and know what to look for.

Even though they don't use the dating site, having an extra pair of eyes scrutinize your profile will help you see what you missed earlier. Besides, it will help you feel more confident about your profile and approach online dating in a positive light.

8. Upgrade to Tinder’s Premium Features

Tinder's premium features are a great way to get more matches and an exciting experience on the app. Once you upgrade from free to Premium, you'll have access to features like unlimited likes, unlimited swipes, and super likes (the blue star icon).

Tinder had three premium plans — Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, and Platinum. A Tinder boost feature also exists. This feature showcases your profile to most users around your location for a limited time.

While these features are not necessary to enable essential dating app use, they can boost your chances of getting more potential matches.

So if you're looking for a way to make online dating more exciting, consider spending money on a Premium plan.

Dating Profile Review

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Tinder checklists

Trusted by 126,651 happy users

The perfect Tinder bio doesn't exist, but these examples should give you a broad idea of what works and how to begin. The main thing to remember is to come across as intelligent, engaging, and exciting with the best Tinder bios. No one wants to go out with a bland kinda girl.

If you want to expand your potential pool of dates, maybe you should check out Bumble or Hinge. The more apps your on, the more likes you'll get!

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