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Tired of getting ghosted?
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How to get more Rizz: 20+ Tips Tested and Approved

Elevate your charm and charisma with these 20 actionable tips to level up your rizz game and attract more attention from romantic partners.
How to get Rizz?

Are you tired of being rizzless? Sick of having no rizz game, no luck, and no ladies (or gentleman) replying to your DM’s?

Done with being turned down and turned away at the bar by potential sweet-mates? Well, you’ve come to just the right place to learn tips on how to get more rizz that will blow the socks off of others- both figuratively and literally.

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Table of Contents

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. What is Rizz Game?
What is Rizz Game?

What is Rizz Game?

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What even is the word rizz," you ask? You have to first understand it to cultivate it. At its most basic, rizz is akin to swagger. It’s the John Wayne of cowboys. The Goku of Dragon Ball Z. The Don Draper of pickups. Rizz can be something you’re born with. A natural sway and way about you that attracts the world to your beam of light.

But fret not if you didn’t come out singing sweet jazz and serenading tunes. Most aren’t. Rizz, just like any other skill, can be improved upon by working on several different key areas of yourself. Prepare to learn the ways of the rizz.

Without further ado, these 20 tips below will take you from rizzless to a rizz master, with each point expanding upon the last:

1) It All Starts With Confidence

How many times have you attempted to start a conversation or pickup line while completely and utterly doubting yourself? No good rizzmaster has ever faltered in the area of confidence. This key rizz trait alone is recipe for success.

Confidence in yourself, and confidence in your abilities. Confidence can take a cheesy one liner that might otherwise be met with an eye roll and shake of the head and turn it into an endearing ice breaker that gets you digits, DMs, and dates.

Be confident in who you are. Speak from a place of knowing rather than doubt. Having rizz means and being the most attractice potential partner comes from a place of being confident in your own skin.

2) Lessons in Body Language 

A key rizz trait that’s right up there with confidence and one that goes hand in hand? Body language.

Who would you be more apt to listen to: someone that speaks with their shoulders hunched, chin tucked, and chest caved in, OR someone that keeps their shoulders back and broad, their chin held high, and their chest out?

There have been countless studies done on body language and every single test has come back clear, concise, and conclusive: people are more attracted to those who stand with commanding, powerful body language.

How do you go about proper body language? Keeping yourself taut and upright ensures that others are more keen to believe you know exactly who you are and what you’re talking about. The better your posture, the better your rizz, and the more you'll be the life of social interactions.

3) Speak From Your Chest 

On a similar note, people are much more prone to listen to and engage with others who speak from their chest rather than their throat.

When you talk, are you meek, quiet, and shy? Or do you belt your words like someone who takes command of the room? Your answer determines what kind of rizz you could have.

Your words and speech pattern should come from a place of confidence that originates in your upright chest. The best leaders and the best rizz comes from the chest. Having rizz means having power in your speech.

4) Eye Contact

Maintaining the right amount of eye contact is crucial for rizz. Too little, and you demonstrate an unsureness of yourself. Too much, and you scare potential suitors.

Maintain eye contact for five seconds, then one-two seconds briefly look elsewhere. This demonstrates a key understanding of social norms that guarantees you’ll come across with just the right amount of rizz and engagement. 

5) Listen to Hear, Not to Speak

We live in a society where listening only to give your opinion has become the status quo. A key trait on how to smash that barrier to get more rizz and become a rizz master?

Listen to others to actually hear them rather than only listening to input what you have to say. People want to be heard, so listen to them. This ensures you will come across as caring, engaged, and in turn, will boost your rizz. 

6) Ask Questions About the Other Person

A surefire way of boosting your rizz comes from expressing interest and asking questions about the person you’re talking to. This accomplishes two major rizz components:

It proves to the person you’re listening, and it shows them that you care. By doing this, it makes them feel good, and it demonstrates you have a kind, caring personality. These two facets will get you more rizz as the person you’re speaking with- digitally or in person- is much more likely to be more engaged with you and in turn will want to continue to talk to you. Ask questions about them that will keep the conversation going. 

In your free time, you can even google different questions to have so that you can break the ice! this gives people the sense that you have a personable personality, and that you care about their feelings, thoughts, and want to build an authentic connection.

7) Meet Them Where They’re At With Common Ground

Meeting someone where they’re at with common ground means finding a commonality between talking points that you can expand upon. Practice understanding to encourage attractive and engaging conversation.

Nobody wants to speak with someone where there is absolutely no connection point. What’s the point in that? Find a way to connect with the other person in conversation. Maybe you both like movies. Maybe Fall is your favorite season! Stay true to yourself but find common ground. Connection builds your rizz and gives off feelings of confident talking points. On the note of staying true to yourself:

Sincere compliments and a smile also go a long way and are a good practice to make others feel special. It lets others know they have your support.

8) Be Who You Are

Self assurance is vital. Faking it until you make it is great and all, but the fakeness is so easy to see through. It won’t get you anywhere other than empty conversations, hollow conversations, and zero rizz.

People with absolutely no rizz factor? Those who put on a mask to appease others. Falsities get you f*** all. Think about your best traits. Personable, witty, knowledgeable, hard worker? Use them to your advantage to get more rizz! 

Radiate rizz by being exactly who you are! Your true self is your best self. It will help you feel confident on a level you haven't had before when you can master the art of being self assured with a potential partner.

9) Know Who You Are

In order to truly actualize your best qualities, you first have to know them. If you don’t, then you’ll never know the tools you have at your disposal.

Take a moment to think about what you’re good at. What's your personality like? What qualities do you possess that can win people over? What skills do you have? Everyone has at least one. Ask a friend if you have to! Know who you are to get more rizz. 

10) Make Sure You Smell Great

Smell is one of the most important senses. It informs us of potential pleasant experiences or lack thereof. One of the key ways to acquire more rizz is to make sure you smell great!

Multiple studies have shown that the body and brain respond positively when the nose smells a fun, engaging fragrance. Buy a quality cologne that tells others you take great care of yourself. It will give you a certain magnetic charm that in undeniable.

Just by smelling fresh, you will build a stronger connection with potential partners. That is guaranteed to create better ability, a more confident personality, and a sense of pride in yourself.

11) Keep Your Hair in Check

Mangy, matted, and unkempt hair means you’ll have zero rizz and zero success with potential partners. Dingy caveman vs stylish connoisseur. The answer is easy.

People want to see you know how to take care of yourself in life. It lets them know you’ll know have the ability to take care of them as well. Keep your hair and beard in check with frequent, simple cuts that show off your personal flair and style. Your rizz will thank you. 

12) Stay Physically Fit

Confidence is key, but a fit body will boost your rizz a hundred fold. Staying fit with a few days of exercise and proper nutrition shows others you have respect for who you are. It will give you unspoken rizz.

Your physical appearance will increase your confidence, too. The eyes of others will also be drawn and attracted to you as well whenever you enter a room. A fit body will get you more rizz immediately with increased style. You’ll be a tantalizing flame to a swath of moths that can't deny how attractive you are.

Investing time in your well being is good practice in life to complimenting your own personal style. Take the time to take care of your body. It will give you all the more rizz in social situations.

13) Stay Mentally Fit

Keeping your mind healthy ensures your rizz stays at optimal levels. When your mind can fire on all cylinders, your rizz in tow will be like a cannon ready to fire.

Make sure you do what you need to stay mentally fit. A healthy mind is a healthy body and vice versa. Read articles like this and others on how best to practice getting all of the rizz in life. Stay mentally healthy to give yourself the ability to create long lasting rizz game.

14) Get Enough Sleep

The tortured insomniac is played and outdated. Bags under the eyes tell other people you don’t take care of a foundational pillar of your health. Because of this, your mood, your physical fitness, and your rizz will all suffer.

Get 7-9 hours of sleep consistently to keep your rizz high and tight. Getting proper sleep will boost your social life and unspoken rizz tenfold.

15) Be Aware Of Personal Space

Nobody likes someone who doesn’t understand proper distancing and respect for another's personal bubble. Don’t be that person who creeps closer and closer during conversation. Keep just about an arm’s length away at least until you know for a fact they’ve invited you into their bubble with different cues. On that topic:

16) Read Their Cues

You might have more rizz than you realize, but because you always miss cues, it negatively impacts your rizz.

Just like it is with listening to hear, make sure you’re reading the cues others are giving you. A smile, playful teasing, comfortable, open body language, an inviting, playful touch, banter and conversation. These are all cues that let you know the other person is engaged and interested in you. Knowing this and the next steps will increase your rizz. 

17) Know When to Act

Knowing when to act on social cues could be just the rizz you need to seal the deal. It doesn’t matter if it’s over DM’s or in person.

Once you’ve understood and understand when to act on making a move, the other person will be so much more likely to reciprocate. Just the right amount of confidence, listening, and playful banter will get you so much more rizz to move in for a touch, kiss, or deal for a date. 

18) Physical Touch Is Key

Along with the other senses, physical touch is a key trait to create more rizz. It’s important you practice and perfect the other tips first before this step, though.

You want to be sure your physical touch is warranted and wanted. With that said, a light touch or brush of the fingertips along the shoulder, arm, or waist can boost your rizz tenfold. Let your touch linger for just a second that acts as a tease before you pull away. It makes the heart grow fonder for more of your touch and your rizz. It comes right before:

19) Knowing How to Kiss

Knowing how to kiss is key. Not too sloppy. Not too withdrawn. You want soft lips that will caress the other person’s and make them feel you know exactly what you’re doing.

There are many ways to go about kissing, but here’s a key tip: hesitate just before your lips touch while your eyes softly flit from theirs down to their lips. This tantalizing trick makes the body crave more touch.

As you lean in, make sure your upper lip is either just below or above theirs. Then, softly pull away after the first kiss and again make soft eye contact with them before leaning back in.This guarantees a smooth, soft kiss that will leave you with ultimate rizz and them wanting more. 

20) Cool, Calm, and Collected

Throughout all of your rizz getting, just remember at the end of the day to have fun! You’re here to self improve and while it can seem daunting, it’s truly just a fun journey that lets you actualize your best self.

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Genuine joy is infectious! Shake off the tension you carry and stay loose. You’re here for rizz, and the best way to do that is to just be yourself and have fun! 

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Rizz involves many components. It is in a lot of ways like swagger. It can leave an ever lasting impression. You can be born with it, but you can also build upon it just like any other skill.

The foundational tip in getting more rizz and building genuine interest from others is to be confident in yourself. The rest will follow.

Along the way, make sure you stand with confident posture, speak from the chest, keep yourself clean and cologned, and understand cues on when to cash in on all of the rizz you’ve been spitting. In the end, make sure you have fun! Nerves are inevitable, but as long as you stay true to yourself, your rizz is too! 

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