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How to Rizz Someone Up: Full Guide (Tested and Approved)

The ability to woo a love interest person is a must-have for everyone who has come of age.
How To Rizz Someone Up?

Picture this: You randomly cross paths with your special someone and they seem to be paying you no attention just yet. In that opportune moment, what would you do to spark a connection and capture their heart in one fell swoop?

Well, that’s where the art of rizzing up comes in.

When done correctly, rizzing up is all you need to impress your crush and unlock future romantic possibilities. Sadly, only a few people know how to rizz someone up with pinpoint effectiveness.

If you’re looking to join this exclusive league and rizz up anyone you’re interested in, then this guide is perfectly curated for you. But first, let’s take a look at what the word “rizz up” means.

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Table of Contents

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. Understanding the Origins and Essence of Rizzing Up
  2. Mastering the Art of Rizzing Someone Up
  3. How to Rizz Up a Female Love Interest
  4. How to Rizz Up a Male Love Interest
Understanding the Origins and Essence of Rizzing Up

Understanding the Origins and Essence of Rizzing Up

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The word “rizz up’ finds its root in “rizz,” an American slang used to describe the ability to enchant and attract a person. Contrary to popular belief, rizz is not corny pickup lines or ostentatious flaunting in the hopes of catching someone’s attention. Instead, it is a blend of charisma, confidence and charm.

Rizz involves engaging a potential romantic match with smooth talk, near-seductive eye contact or body language. When you try to rizz someone up, you’re essentially presenting yourself as attractive to the person and subtly giving them reasons to choose you.

Most people credit Kai Cenat, a famous Twitch live streamer, with coining the catchphrase. Cenat started saying “rizz” sometime in 2021 on his YouTube videos, but the term grew more popular early in 2024, thanks to a TikTok trend.

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Mastering the Art of Rizzing Someone Up

Mastering the Art of Rizzing Someone Up

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Attaining god-tier rizz starts from the mind. Everyone who has gone on to master the art of rizzing up started by building confidence and authenticity. With these twin characteristics, you’d be better positioned to radiate a positive energy and be more attractive to your romantic partner.

That said, below are two of the most potent techniques to rizz someone up.

Rizzing Up Through Conversation

A heart-to-heart talk is by far the most flexible and effective way to rizz anyone up. With the right words, you can cause anyone to fall head over heels with you in seconds. Even better, you can employ witty jokes, endearing compliments and even clever rizz pick-up lines to spice up the action.

When engaging with your crush, be sure to avoid small talk and superficial words, though. Instead, ask thoughtful questions and be sure to keep the conversation going as soon as it starts.

Rizzing Up Through Body Language and Non-Verbal Cues

Arguably one of the most ignored flirting techniques, non-verbal cues help create bonds before you even get a chance to talk to your crush. You can communicate non-verbal cues through your confident body language, an open posture and eye contact.

Seasoned flirts know that with non-verbal communication, there’s no time to pick and choose. So, it’s advisable to combine all of your options. Also introduce physical touch to establish a higher level of attraction, but make sure you respect any existing boundaries.

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How to Rizz Up a Female Love Interest

How to Rizz Up a Female Love Interest

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Being a pro at rizzing up starts with understanding that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to it. In fact, you’d typically have to opt for different techniques in keeping with the gender and personality of your crush.

But not to worry. Here’s a detailed guide to rizzing up both ladies and men, whether in person or via text messages.

Rizzing Up In-Person

Meeting a girl you like in person can give you the chills. But here are five rizz techniques that can take your game from 0 to 100 instantly.

1. Smell Nice

It’s a no-brainer that women are turned on by people who smell delightful and look attractive. So, don’t ever make the mistake of appearing bland. Spray a cologne and dress up like you mean business. To successfully rizz up a girl, you need to make a statement with your physical appearance.

2. Flirt Playfully

Create a lifelong spark by flirting playfully. Start by teasing her and cracking mild jokes. Then you can go ahead to open up your arsenal of cheesy pick-up lines that would make her immediately imagine a future with you.

3. Maintain Eye Contact

Moderately staring into your crush’s eye oozes confidence. Going on to maintain eye contact during communication helps build intimacy. It may also help if you reinforce this through a confident body language. For starters, attempt leaning in to her and wearing a genuine smile.

Rizzing Up Via Text

Although it doesn’t seem that way, trying to rizz up a girl over text is more complicated, especially if it’s your first point of contact. This is usually because there is no eye contact involved and she has no way of measuring physical attraction. Regardless of the situation, here are a few ways to skillfully reel her in.

1. Compliment Her Consistently

Compliments work wonders with women. Let her know all the things you like about her, from her beauty to her intellect. Hype her up and make her feel special. But try to avoid cliched language that will make her feel uncomfortable while at it.

2. Playful Flirting

You’d never go wrong with flirting, whether in person or over the phone. Tease her, use pick-up lines and send playful emojis that will increase her interest in you.

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How to Rizz Up a Male Love Interest

How to Rizz Up a Male Love Interest

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Men have quite different romantic expectations from women. But they love to get rizzed up just as much as anyone else. Here’s how to successfully accomplish that.

Rizzing Up In-Person

When trying to rizz up a guy in person, pay attention to their body language and try to mirror the same. More specifically, these are some fun tips to adopt.

1. Maintain Eye Contact and Show a Genuine Smile

Most guys easily read continuous eye contact as a sign of affection and genuine connection. So, if you’re interested in him, make him know by fixing your eyes on his. You may also throw in a flirtatious smile, flip your hair or do a fingermouthing pose.

2. Compliment Him Often

Everyone likes to hear about their awesome qualities. And now that you know this, don’t hold back on compliments when rizzing up your male crush.

3. Maximize Physical Touch

The hormones that secrete romantic feelings are more active in men when there’s an element of physical touch. So, for a more potent rizz, give him a nudge on his shoulders or press his cheeks together.

Rizzing Up Via Text

Here are a few more dynamics that make rizzing up your male crush more effective over text messages.

1. Be Vulnerable

After using some best opening lines. Open up about your innermost thoughts and express yourself freely. This way, you can readily find common ground. Appear genuine and hold nothing back. When he sees your vulnerabilities, he’ll be more inclined to reveal his, helping you both build a strong bond.

2. Use Teasing Remarks

Be flirtatious, too. You can do this by teasing him or sending him playful banters. That way, his shyness will melt away and he'll meet your rizz game halfway.

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The art of rizzing up is super easy to learn. But for most people, it barely works because the attraction is merely superficial. Rizz is most effective when you’re true to yourself and have a genuine interest in the other person.

Now that you’ve learned how to rizz someone up, try your best to get enough practice. And as you do, be sure to exude confidence, go prepared and have fun while at it.

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