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No Luck on Plenty of Fish: How To Fix Your Profile To Get More Matches in 2023

Trying to get more matches on Plenty of Fish but having no luck so far? Read on to find out how you can transform your profile to land more matches on the dating app.
no luck on plenty of fish how to fix your profile to get more matches in 2023

Online dating is a fun, exciting experience that can lead you to casual dating or serious relationships, depending on what you're looking for. Plenty of Fish is one of the oldest dating sites that many people still use today to meet others online. New members are constantly signing up to Plenty of Fish, but without any matches, you won't be able to meet any of them.

If you’re not finding luck on the online dating site and wondering whether Plenty of Fish is worth it, it’s time to change your strategy. These are the best tips that will help you find women by improving your dating profile.

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Table of Contents

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. Reasons Your Plenty of Fish Profile Isn’t Getting You Matches
  2. How To Fix Your Plenty of Fish Profile To Achieve Success On The Dating App
reasons your plenty of fish profile isn’t getting you matches

Reasons Your Plenty of Fish Profile Isn’t Getting You Matches

There are a few reasons why your dating profile isn't landing you dates with hot women on the dating site . Here is why your Plenty of Fish profile isn't giving you the results you're looking for from the app.

1. Your photos are all too similar

Most guys will use similar photos that all look the same when online dating. This can lead women to think you're a fake profile, which you want to avoid, especially if you're using the app to find a relationship. Fake profiles lead to zero matches, so ensuring your photos are unique and look legitimate is essential to finding success on dating apps like pof.

2. You’re using group photos

While it nay sound like a good idea to show your friend group in your profile, we recommend you don't use any group photos on the dating site. Group photos don't fare well in dating profiles as they can confuse potential matches, or not work to your advantage by having more attractive friends in the shot.

3. Your photos aren’t clear or high-quality

It's completely free to upload photos to free sites like pof, so you need to utilize this feature and avoid blurry, poor quality photos. Fake profiles are associated with photos that aren't top-notch quality, so avoid uploading questionable pictures to the dating app.

4. You have a bland bio

Is your bio basic, short, and bland? A vast majority of men won't put effort into their bios, which can dramatically affect their dating experience on the dating site. Put in the time and effort to find attractive matches with a full, intriguing bio.

5. You’re not giving other users a chance

If you're judging every single profile you come across and aren't finding mutual matches, it could be because you're too picky. Not being open-minded enough will only harm you in the online dating game, keeping your options small and limited.

6. You aren’t active enough

Being active is more than just logging into the app, as you need to keep up with conversations and show your interest. Make sure you log into the app daily for the most optimal results. Being inactive will lead the app's algorithm to prioritize your profile less, and you may find your options limited because of this.

7. Your opening lines are forgettable

Forgettable opening lines that are short and boring will leave you getting ghosted, and even worse, unmatched. When you send messages, they shouldn't be bland and boring as women receive these kinds of messages too often.

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how to fix your plenty of fish profile to achieve success on the dating app

How To Fix Your Plenty of Fish Profile To Achieve Success On The Dating App

Fortunately, you don't need to use the paid site and be a paying member to achieve success on Plenty of Fish. With dating apps like pof, there are a few simple tweaks and changes that will elevate your profile and lead you to more matches.

1. Mix things up with your photos

Women on dating apps want profiles that are different, intriguing, and unique. Make a good impression with a variety of different photos. Upload pictures taken of you by friends, photos of you doing your hobbies, and photos that show off your passions. This will also keep you from being grouped as one of the many fake profiles present on dating apps today.

2. Delete the group photos

Your group photos could be stealing the spotlight from you rather than boosting your online presence. To appeal to a huge pool of women, delete the group photos and replace them with candid photos of you where you look your best.

3. Upload clear, high-quality photos

Steer clear of blurry, low-quality photos as they end up looking sketchy and could make you look like you're a fake profile. Fake profiles are quickly avoided by women, so ensure your photos are clear and of the best quality. You could even hire a professional photographer to shoot your profile pictures for you.

4. Upgrade your profile bio

Start fresh with a new, interesting bio that highlights your best qualities and what you're looking for from the app. If your bio makes sense, is funny, and tells women about yourself, more matches will be interested in swiping right and getting to know you better.

5. Avoid being super picky

To meet people on the app, whether you're looking to meet new friends or women to date, stay open minded, especially if you live in a small rural area. Show women you're interested in them, and swipe right on more profiles to see if you're a good fit for one another.

6. Don't ghost matches

If you're not being active enough, you'll have trouble finding serious relationships with conversations that don't lead anywhere. Log into the app as often as you can to check your messages, swipe on profiles, and improve your profile's reach.

7. Use fun pickup lines and prompts

You can't go wrong with fun and funny pickup lines. Many users get simple, boring messages that they ignore, so a catchy headline or a pickup line can go a long way. Use an interesting prompt like would you rather or two truths and a lie to show women you're an interesting guy who is confident enough to spark up a fun chat.


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Trusted by 256,862 happy users


Getting women to be interested by your dating profile is all about your photos, bio, and your approach. By switching up your strategy and revamping your profile, you'll finally be able to find success in the online dating world and land yourself a date in real life.

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