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Tinder Hookup

Like most dating apps, Tinder can be used to find hookups — as long as you know what you're doing. Read out best tips on how to match with the right people to find casual sex online.
tinder hookup

Is it possible to hookup on Tinder? Absolutely. In fact, Tinder is generally considered a hookup app. But in order to actually make it happen, you need to make sure your online dating game is on point.

Success on any dating app means putting together a strong profile that keeps your goals in mind and then following through with a first message that starts a great conversation and leads to getting together in real life.

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  1. The first conversation
  2. Avoid time wasters
  3. Their place or yours?
the first conversation

The first conversation

When you're interested in hooking up, your first conversation is going to look a lot different than if you were aiming for casual dating, or a serious relationship. Much like our advice around pictures and bios, different rules apply here.

If the point is a hookup, you need to make sure the other person is on the same page the first time you talk to them, without making them feel uncomfortable. You can do this by asking some simple questions in your opening message, such as the classic, "what are you looking for on here?"

To sext or not to sext?

Meeting for a hookup requires a different kind of screening than meeting for a date. If the point of getting together is to get laid, it's fair to want to make sure you're a sexual fit before dedicating too much time.

This can mean covering the absolute basics, like STI talks and relationship status, etc. But it can also be helpful to figure out what the other person is into, and what they're interested in doing with you, to make sure the date is a good fit for both of you.

When you're hooking up, early texting often gets into a lot more sexual details that the typical chat with your Tinder matches.

Once you've covered the "what are you looking for" question mentioned above, you can try common sexting transition prompts such as, "what would you do if I was there right now?" This kind of flirting or sexting can help you find out if the other person is the right flavor of interesting for you - and can determine whether hooking up with them is a good idea.

For a variety of reasons — including privacy concerns — there are many people who aren't willing to exchange naughty photos. But if both of you are game, this can also be another way to start building anticipation for the night you're planning to share together.

Also, the further you get into sexting and sharing photos, the more likely you both are to follow through and meet up for your date.

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avoid time wasters

Avoid time wasters

Tinder get more matches

Nobody likes a time waster, but if you're looking for a quick hookup, you especially don't need an on-again, off-again, texting buddy that's never going to come through to meet up IRL.

If they're flakey in the first conversation, let it go. Otherwise you risk getting stood up and wasting your night, when you could have spent your time with someone more interested in following through. A good way to know if by getting her phone number.

their place or yours

Their place or yours?

When it comes to the first date, are you cutting right to the chase or meeting in person, first?

While you might be eager to get the party started, remember that many women won't be willing to hook up with strangers they haven't met in public first.

To come up with a date idea that easily transitions into getting laid, try picking a location that's a short distance from one of your homes — walking distance is ideal. Is there somewhere you can easily grab a coffee or a cocktail? Quick dates are the way to go. You want the opportunity to meet on neutral ground, but don't want to get sucked into a long dinner or worse yet — a movie where you can't even talk.

Dating Profile Review

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Tinder checklists

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Just like all the other dating apps, Tinder is what you make of it. If you put the effort into your profile, choosing the right photos and writing a good bio, a Tinder match can easily turn into a Tinder date. Whether that Tinder date ends up being a hookup or not, depends on what you're looking for.

While most people aren't willing to admit it up front, casual dating and casual sex are very popular. You just need to make sure you prove you're someone worth having casual sex with!

That means your interactions need to be respectful, so you can prove you're not the same as most male tinder users. You know how to treat another person, regardless of whether you're looking for one date or a long term relationship.

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