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Tinder suggested message (new feature 2023)

Tinder is rolling out a new feature that gives users a new, exciting way to start and keep a conversation going. Whether you're looking for a relationship or a fling, you need to have good conversation skills and follow the unspoken rules of Tinder to land yourself a first date. Find out how you can send the perfect first Tinder message with Tinder's new suggested message feature.
tinder suggested message new feature 2022

Do you ever find yourself in the middle of a conversation on Tinder, only to draw a blank on what to say next?

A lot of conversations can end all too quickly on dating apps like Tinder, leaving you wondering what went wrong. You want to keep a conversation fun and engaging if you’re looking to couple up on dating apps like Tinder. Sending first messages on Tinder can be a bit daunting to come up with and if you're not sure what rules you need to follow, Tinder suggested messages can help.

Tinder's new suggested message feature may be the perfect way for you to start a great conversation with someone.

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Table of Content

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  1. What Is Tinder’s Suggested Message Feature?
  2. How Can You Use Suggested Messages on Tinder?
  3. Why Should You Use Suggested Messages on Tinder?
  4. Tinder Suggested Message Examples
what is tinder’s suggested message feature

What Is Tinder’s Suggested Message Feature?

Tinder’s suggested message feature is the app’s newly introduced feature where the app suggests a message for users to send to their match. This new feature isn’t available in all countries worldwide yet but it will be slowly rolled out to users across the globe. With this feature, Tinder will suggest a message for you to use or get inspiration from to spice up the conversation when you don't know what to say.

Instead of using Tinder first message examples from the web, you'll have conversation starters right on the app. Tinder’s suggested messages are similar to prompts or a pick up line that you can use if you're looking for a way to break the ice with someone. You can also use the suggested message as a Tinder first message when you're sending first messages.

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how can you use suggested messages on tinder

How Can You Use Suggested Messages on Tinder?

Tinder get more matches

Tinder’s suggested message feature is still being rolled out slowly, so not every user will have access to this feature. If you're looking for suggested messages on your Tinder, you will see Tinder’s suggested message for you in a conversation with your match on the bottom right of the conversation in a dotted box.

What's your favorite way to start a conversation? You will have the option to click the “tap to shuffle” button to receive a new suggested message, until you find one you like and that helps you start the conversation off the way you want to.

why should you use suggested messages on tinder

Why Should You Use Suggested Messages on Tinder?

If you’ve matched with someone you really like and are hoping to seal the deal with but aren’t sure what to say in your Tinder first message – Tinder suggested messages are the perfect solution.

Whether you're looking for something serious or just a hookup with someone, sometimes, you need to use a prompt to keep the conversation fun and interesting. When you need help with crafting the perfect message, the feature will offer message examples you can use when you need to.

When you’re looking to use a suggested message on Tinder, select the message Tinder has suggested, or tap to go through a few messages until you find one that’s just right for you. A lot of the suggested messages Tinder offers work as great conversation prompts and can help revive a conversation.

You can also start a great conversation by crafting the perfect Tinder first message with a suggested message.

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tinder suggested message examples

Tinder Suggested Message Examples

What will people say at your funeral?

Your Tinder first message shouldn't be bland, overused or boring - girls get those types of messages a lot. This Tinder first message is a great way to make your profile stand out of the crowd and show your match that you're an interesting guy. It works as an easy prompt when you want to find out a bit of more information on your match. It can be a great first message on Tinder that will get your match looking forward to start a conversation with you, while helping you get to know your match.

Would you rather land your dream job or never work another day in your life?

As far as first message examples go, this is a great Tinder first message you can use to start a conversation. The first Tinder message doesn't have to be a simple, "hey" but can be fun and exciting like this Tinder message. This question is one of the best first messages to start a fun conversation that will keep going and lead to a date.

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Tinder suggested messages are like first message examples or pick up lines that are available as you're in a conversation with someone. A lot of people struggle with crafting the perfect message on Tinder and following the app's unspoken rules, but fortunately with Tinder's new suggested message feature, you won't have to.

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