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25+ Best Dessert Pickup Lines on Reddit for Online Dating

Here are some of the funniest dessert-related pickup lines that you can find on Reddit. Use these and up your dating game today.
Best Dessert Pick Up Lines

When brainstorming dessert pick up lines Reddit has got you covered. Some of the most creative minds are posting on Reddit right now, and they've just turned dinner and dessert into pickup lines. Guys, get ready to make a girl melt. All you need is one of these lines.

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Table of Contents

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. What makes a great pick up line?
What makes a great pick up line?

What makes a great pick up line?

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A pickup line is all about entertaining someone. It's as simple as that. You aren't trying to say the sweetest thing they've ever heard or create a story to tell great-grandchildren in a hundred years. You're not trying to reinvent the wheel either; you're just trying to start the conversation off with a laugh and a bit of intrigue.

One of the best ways to entertain someone else is to entertain yourself. Therefore, if you find any of these pickup lines funny and engaging enough to start a conversation over, then that energy will rub off on someone else.

The idea is to create a good sort of energy so you can swoop in and start talking. The pick up line is there to do its job and get out. The rest is up to you. So, if you're looking to use a pick up line tonight, make sure you've backed it up with some questions you can ask about her and her interests.

Anything can be the topic of a pickup line. Absolutely anything. All that matters is that it must be witty and funny. This usually involves something like a pun or a play on words. You can check out a list of Reddit's best pickup lines for Tinder.

But for now, let's focus on foodstuffs. That's why you're here. You love that sweet donut drizzle. Dessert, dinner, and pudding are just a few of the things you can turn into pickup lines. Let's take a look, shall we?

Funny dessert pick up lines shared on Reddit

Are you the dessert?

...because I'll be pudding it in you.

...because holy crêpe!

...because I'd like to eat you after dinner.

...because I wanna eat those sweet buns of yours.

...because I wanna taste every piece of that.

...because I wanna lick you up like you're smooth chocolate drizzle.

Using dessert pick up lines in real-life situations

Pick up lines are highly contextual, so you've got to find the right moment to strike. One thing's for sure: the more you read interesting and engaging pickup lines, the more you're training your brain to think of them on the fly.

On the other hand, some of them are so random, so funny, or so cheesy that they truly can be used anytime, anywhere. Take the time to experiment and see what works. This is your time to make mistakes, by the way, so don't let it get you down if a girl laughs or thinks you're stupid. As long as you haven't hurt anyone, you're good. And if you tried at all, you did amazing.

Every pickup line shared here has something in common. It's a bit risque, but also playful. The playful part is the part they're responding to. In other words, if they're meeting you for the first time, they don't actually intend to let you eat them out that evening. They like that you're making humor out of something dirty.

The best threads on dessert pick up lines on Reddit

Now it's time for a case study. Here's a pickup line posted to r/pickuplines and the community response to it.

"Babe, the drinks are on me if you're the dessert."

CosmicArchangel was onto something when he posted this. With 214 upvotes, it gained a bit of traction. Maybe Reddit users liked the fact that it was subtle; some of the joke is left for the woman to figure out. Like, "oh, it's because he wants to eat me. It's because he wants to eat me out." Sometimes a good joke requires a bit of effort on the part of the audience.

Some were a bit skeptical, however. Once we scroll down to the comments, the aptly named Vanilla923 writes, "Only works if you’re already together." Hmmm, maybe you shouldn't go using this on strangers -- good point! It's a bit too dirty and raw to be used up front, isn't it?

A bit further down, GaryWestSide writes, "This sounds like you want sex for buying drinks." a55_Goblin420 responds, "Should we tell him?" Of course you want sex for buying drinks. Isn't that what dating around is all about, bro?! Leave it to der_zerstoerer to make the perfect rejoinder, "I mean..."

Gjallock was the most critical, hitting with the response, "Let bro cook so long he forgot the meal" followed by a sad emoji. Not the sad emoji, bro! Don't do him like that!

Rounding things out, vanek4u just writes, "what" with no punctuation. Hey, man, maybe the person-as-food metaphor just doesn't make sense to some, and that's alright. Maybe you like making pick up lines out of other things, like tire irons or accounting spreadsheets. Sheesh.

In the end, it doesn't matter what some Reddit users think of your pickup line. It matters what the girl thinks of it. Want to bring up your favorite dessert with some balsamic reduction? Prefer getting your dating advice from "Posts You May Like"? Want her to feel sweet like chocolate? Do you, buddy. Just make sure you've put some thought into it, and try not to offend anyone.

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