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Les meilleurs manières de briser la glace sur Tinder

Vous avez trouvé un match sur Tinder - et maintenant ? Il est temps de transformer ce Match Tinder en rendez-vous et pour cela, vous devez entamer une conversation pour briser la glace.
Best Tinder Icebreakers

Vous avez trouvé un match sur Tinder - et maintenant ?

Il est temps de transformer ce Match Tinder en rendez-vous Tinder et pour cela, vous devez entamer une conversation pour briser la glace.

Nous savons que cette partie peut sembler difficile, c'est pourquoi nous allons analyser chaque option en détail afin de rendre le processus plus facile ! Passez à la section qui vous intéresse le plus ou lisez l'article en entier pour connaître nos meilleurs conseils.

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  1. Why Icebreakers are Important on Tinder
  2. Best Icebreakers for Tinder
  3. Icebreaker Tips and Strategies

Why Icebreakers are Important on Tinder

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Icebreakers are like the master key to having an awesome chat on Tinder no matter if you're using free version or even Tinder Just For You feature.

That’s because they catch someone’s eye (and swipe) in the first place – when screens are crowded with other people – forcing them to come back at you and keep a conversation going.


Nail one just right, piquing their interest, making them curious, and creating a friendly vibe… and potential matches won’t be able to help but respond! 


Fancy asking something intriguing like: “If you could have dinner with any historical figure, who would it be?” Or maybe using some humor with this cheeky line? “Are you a magician? Because whenever I look at your pics, everyone else disappears”. 


An icebreaker done well breaks down barriers between two strangers, creates interesting conversation topics … basically anything that increases your chances of really hitting it off with someone.


Making a Good First Impression

Are you a Tinder guru? Then you know how important a first impression is. It sets the tone for everything that follows.


So, to get your conversation off to an awesome start in the modern dating, we’ve gathered some tips and tricks for crafting icebreaker messages that are bound to make an impact and help find your partner online.


  • Think personal: Show someone you’re genuinely interested in getting to know them by reading their profile and asking about something specific – like one of their pictures or a hobby.


  • Try being funny: Who doesn’t love a good laugh? Using humor can help crack that tough initial barrier and set the tone for a fun conversation. But remember, steer clear of anything offensive.


  • Get creative: Instead of just saying "Hi," why not try coming up with something unique or intriguing instead? A well-placed GIF or meme could also do the trick.


  • Don’t forget to be yourself: No matter how keen you are on impressing somebody, don’t go overboard – nobody likes a ‘try hard.’ Keep it natural. You’ll have more luck if they like YOU.

Standing Out from Other Users

When you are one of many competing for attention from the opposite sex on Tinder, it pays to stand out. Be creative and think outside the box with a clever Tinder icebreaker.

Don't just say "hello" or rely on the physical looks of the person alone. Try asking them something interesting. For example: “What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?” 

Or share with them something unconventional about yourself not mentioned in your Tinder bio. Humor can go a long way, too - clever pick-up lines or puns that show off your smarts might very well have legs for you.

Be yourself and embrace your quirks. After all, people who are interested in dating real people (or searching for FwBs) want to know who they're talking to.

What will make a person swipe right is if they see something genuine – memorable. Creativity! Boldness! And never forget - approach your Tinder matches always respectfully and genuinely.


Using Humor in Icebreakers

Humor can be an extremely effective tool in icebreaker messages on Tinder, and not just because it grabs people’s attention. 


There are actually several reasons why using a funny ice breakers can help make your Tinder match more likely to respond.


  • Firstly, humor makes you stand out from the rest of their matches. They probably get lots of generic “hey” or “hi there” messages. Yours funny icebreaker will be different. It shows that you have a sense of fun and maybe even some creativity.


  • Secondly, starting off by making them laugh creates a positive atmosphere. So, a good funny icebreaker and a cute first picture is your way to go!


  • If someone is chuckling when they read your message, they’ll feel better about the exchange right away – which should also make it easier for both of you to keep the conversation going naturally.


  • Finally? Cheesy icebreakers helps smooth over any initial awkwardness/tension that might exist between two strangers chatting for the first time. 


Anything funny instantly puts people at ease: if your match is giggling while typing their reply, that’s obviously great news!


With all this in mind, let’s look at some perfect Tinder icebreakers:

  • “Are you a believer in love at first swipe? Or should we unmatch and give it another try?”

  • “May I accompany you home? My parents taught me to always pursue my dreams.”

  • “If I were to compare you to a vegetable, you would definitely be an adorable-cumber!”

  • "Could we possibly be wandering the corridors of Hogwarts? Every time I view your images, everything else vanishes – just like magic!”


Just remember: being funny shows off your playful side and sets a light-hearted tone for things... but don’t go overboard and say anything offensive or creepy!

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Best Icebreakers for Tinder

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Looking for some of the best Tinder icebreakers? Here are a few conversation starters that might help you distinguish yourself from those typical greetings so as to build up a good talk with the person:

  • “If you had to choose one superpower, what would it be and why?”

  • “What was the most adventurous that you have done?”

  • “If you would recommend one book or movie, what will it be and why?”

  • “Are you a believer of astrology? What sign are you?”

  • “What’s that last song traipsed into your brain and haunted you incessantly?”

  • “Tell me which place is your most favorite travel destination and why.”

  • “Would you rather live in the city or out in the calm countryside? Why?”

  • “Tell me to which song do you rock out when there is no one around.”

  • “What’s your guilty pleasure when it comes to TV shows or movies?”

Witty Icebreakers

Want to impress your potential match with some clever and funny Tinder icebreakers? Look no further!

We have curated a list of smart, funny icebreakers that are bound to make you stand out from the crowd in your online dating game:

  • “Are you made by Google? Because you’re everything I’ve been searching for.”

  • “Swipe left if you don’t believe in love at the first swipe because then I’m retrying my pitch!”

  • “Excuse me, but is this profile magic? Every time I look at it, everyone else vanishes.”

  • “We’re on a job interview together: what’s one thing you would say that makes the hiring manager hate us both immediately? GO!”

  • “Sundays are for A)Netflix all day - B)outdoor adventures, or C)lounging at home with brunch delivery and my dog?"

  • “Call me Sherlock Holmes cuz someone needs to investigate why we should be intrigued with each other already.”

  • "Hey there! Tell me, what's the most embarrassing moment from your past that you absolutely cannot forget?"

  • "Let’s say you're in charge of your own three-course meal– a mouth-watering appetizer, delicious main course and indulgent dessert. What dishes would make up your ultimate culinary experience?"

Flirty Icebreakers

If you want to set a flirty and romantic mood on Tinder, using flirty icebreakers is a great way to catch someone’s eye. Below are some examples:

  • “Is it just me, or has the chemistry between us made it unbearably hot in here?”

  • “Do you have Google Maps on hand? I seem to have lost myself in your eyes!”

  • “I think I must be snow because since stumbling upon you, I’ve fallen completely and utterly head over heels...!”

  • “I would love your input: What should my ideal lazy Sunday consist of – brunch, endless cuddles, or both?”

  • “You look exhausted – but then again, who wouldn’t be after being stuck inside my brain all day long?!”

  • “Are you a campfire-flavored sweet treat? Because that would explain why all I can think about is roasting marshmallows on your smile..."

Clever Icebreakers

Are you on the hunt for sly conversation starters that will keep other Tinder users entertained and interested? Handing out a little cheeky humor is a good way to be unique, and these examples should help:

  • “If you could either talk like a native in every language or play any instrument like a pro, which would it be?”

  • “Do first-time feelings of love happen, or should I wait until tomorrow to give it another go with your profile?”

  • “In the mood for coffee shop antics – are you my espresso pick-me-up or my comforting latte?”

  • “How free are we talking here... Could we go on an impromptu adventure from one to USA levels of freedom?”

  • “What do you reckon – if we were part of a movie cast, would we be classed as romantic leads or comical sidekicks?”

  • “Could life ever really fit into a solitary hashtag – but what would yours attempt to sum up about existence so far?”

  • “Guess what – our chats have gone down in history… Each chat has its own chapbook, but what's Chapter One called?”

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Icebreaker Tips and Strategies

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If you want to get the best results when using icebreakers on Tinder, remember these quick tips and additional strategies:

  • Confidence is key. Positivity and enthusiasm are contagious.


  • Keep your icebreaker easy to answer – no long-winded or complex questions, please.


  • Timeliness can be very important: if someone’s inbox is already flooded with messages, a new one might not make the same impact as it would at another time.


  • Don’t be shy about following up if you get a response – show that you’re interested in keeping the conversation going!


The overall goal? To create friendly connections that feel engaging and real, just be yourself…and have fun!

Keeping it Simple

Mastering the art of crafting Tinder icebreakers means keeping it simple. Simple messages are easily understood and, hence, easy to respond to - making for a flowing conversation from the word go.

They eradicate areas of confusion or pressure points, ensuring both participants feel comfortable and part of the engagement.

Let us now examine some illustrations of quite effective but simple icebreakers:

  • "Hello! What hobby or activity do you prefer most of all in your free time?”

  • “Hi! If you were given a chance to have dinner with one celebrity, who would it be?”

  • “Yo! Do you prefer coffee or tea? And why?”

  • “Hi! What was the last concert or live event you went to? I need recommendations.”

Encourage open lines of communication by making sure your opening gambit is simple, friendly, and inviting – and you’ll be increasing the chances that they’ll reply while helping keep things interesting on Tinder at the same time.


Personalizing Icebreakers

If you really want to make a connection on Tinder, customizing your icebreakers is key. It shows you’re genuinely interested in the person and gets things off to a better start than the standard “Hey, how are you?”

Putting some thought into your opener can also help show that you’ve read their profile and that they aren’t just one of many potential matches.

So instead of “Hey, noticed we matched. How’s it going?” if someone mentions hiking in their bio or has photos at Machu Picchu, say something like: “Just saw that you mentioned hiking. What’s your best-ever trail?”

It demonstrates attention to detail (always A+) and gives them an easy way to open up about what they love – and who doesn’t love talking about stuff they love? – while still being light-hearted.

Get this right by personalizing your opening gambit rather than sounding generic, and there’s every chance more meaningful conversations will follow.

Icebreakers to Use on Guys

And finally, if you're seeking icebreakers that are good at catching the attention and captivating male users on Tinder, here are a few friendly examples:

  • "Hey! Quick one: Beer or whisky? And why?"

  • "I have to say your dog in the pic stole my heart. Can I borrow him for a playdate?"

  • "So, what's your go-to game for game night? Board games or video games?"

  • "You seem like an awesome music person! Fave band/artist?"

  • "I noticed you're into hiking – any suggestions for beginner-friendly trails to explore?"

  • "If you could have any famous person as your mentor, who would it be – and why?"

  • "What's the most adventurous dish you've ever tasted? Need some food inspo!"

Remember: tailor each icebreaker to the individual guy's profile so it shows you genuinely care about their hobbies, sense of humor, or preferences.

Overall aim: be friendly and playful and indicate that, yes, indeed, you did actually read their profile! Feel free to customize these examples and make them yours. Enjoy swiping!

And have no fear to open up. In an effort to boost the safety and accuracy of profiles, Tinder has unveiled a new functionality known as "Tinder video selfie verification," allowing users to verify their identity by submitting a short video clip.

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