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Bumble Bio Tips: How To Improve your Bio

Good Bumble bios make or break your dating app experience. To succeed in online dating, your Bumble bio needs to make the case for dating you—and it needs to do so quickly. Read on for our best Bumble bio examples to get you started.
bumble bio tips how to improve your bio

Wondering what the best Bumble bios have in common? There are several key factors that determine whether your Bumble bio is successful or not—and the good news is that it's all under your control. Success on dating apps is 90% based on the effort that you put into it, so it's worth taking the time and making the effort.

Your Bumble profile is what determines whether or not you get a match, and therefore get a first date. And that's what online dating success is all about. So if your Bumble profile bio is in need of a serious overhaul, read on to figure out how to get it into shape.

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Table of Content

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. Why you should write a good Bumble bio
  2. What to put in your Bumble bio
  3. 5 examples of Bumble bio that works
why you should write a good bumble bio

Why you should write a good Bumble bio

Your photos are incredibly important, and there's a lot you can do to present yourself well. But eventually, there's only so much you can do to manipulate what you look like in images. Your bio, however, is 100% under your control. That makes your Bumble bio your best opportunity to make a good impression on any dating app, and to find success on a dating site.

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what to put in your bumble bio

What to put in your Bumble bio

ROAST, fix your profile

Your Bumble bio is essentially your elevator pitch—meaning it's how you sell yourself in 30 seconds or less. In an incredibly short amount of space, you need to show your authentic self, while also making it clear why potential matches should give you a chance.

You need to keep your bio short, but in that space, you need to make sure your perfect match will realize you're their ideal partner—easy, right?

Your bio should make it clear who you are and what you're looking for, in the simplest terms possible. You want to share your best self, while still being honest. A great way to do this is to share some facts, like what you do for a living, and also mix in a few hobbies and interests, as well as a taste of your personality.

5 examples of bumble bio that works

5 examples of Bumble bio that works

When it comes to getting Bumble matches, it's not just about what information you put in your Bumble bio profile, it matters how you do it. No one is going to read a wall of text these days, so you need to use a clear format that helps someone's eye flow from one point to the next without losing interest. If you want more matches, try out some of these Bumble bio ideas to overhaul your own formatting.

#1: Two truths and a lie

This classic format is an immediate attention grabber. Two truths and a lie was popular as a sleepover game, and now it's popular on Bumble and other dating apps. Because of the setup, people know what to expect, and they also know it'll be short and sweet. Which is a must when it comes to any online dating profile.

Using the two truths and a lie format, you can tease the kind of fun chats that can be had through private messages or on dates. And if you've got a good sense of humor, this is one of the witty bumble bios you can take advantage of to show off.

Don't just use the two truths and a lie format to share random things about yourself—instead, consider the specific details worth sharing to earn you the right swipe you're looking for. The two truths should be facts you're eager to show off, and the lie should be funny (but believable.)

#2: Share your unpopular opinions

The unpopular opinion trend is still going strong, and that's because it works. While you might scare away the occasional potential match, the right person will be drawn to you because you think alike. That doesn't mean you have to go dark or controversial with your unpopular opinion. Funny bumble bios use this format all the time to discuss important topics like whether pineapple belongs on pizza. And hey, if you want to have pizza nights with your date it's important to get on the same page about that!

#3: The pros & cons list

If you like clever bumble bios, this format might be for you. Part of the humor inherent in the format is that you're offering a balanced look at what a potential match is getting into by dating you—but of course, the cons you choose won't actually be bad things.

For example, one con might be "your fridge will be overflowing because of how many meals I'll cook for you," or "your dog might start to like me more than you." In both of these instances, you're actually sharing positive things—that you'll cook for your date and be kind to their dog.

This format is a great way to bring a little irony into the mix, by pretending to break one of the cardinal rules of dating apps: don't put yourself down.

#4: What would your AI painting include?

Another way to stay on trend is to jump on the AI art bandwagon, but by painting a picture with your words. By now everyone knows that the AI-generated oil painting pulls clues from your photos to decide what to include, not to mention how you'll be dressed. So this is a good profile for including some amusing facts about yourself that might be hard to work in any other way.

#5: In the streets & in the sheets

A slightly older meme, this format is a great way to bring something a little suggestive into your Bumble bio without crossing a line. A great bio can give the other person an idea of what you're looking for while still being subtle.

You can use this format to get fairly explicit—for example, if you want to make it clear that you're kinky. But you can also simply use it to get off on the right foot with a little bit of humor, and not say anything sexual at all.

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It's important to put your best foot forward on any popular dating app, and Bumble is no exception. You're competing with a lot of other users for a potential match's attention because they've got a lot of Bumble profiles to look through. That's why a good bio is an essential part of your overall online dating strategy—so follow our advice to use a familiar format in a new and unique way that really shows off your strengths.

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