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How to get more likes on Hinge in 2023: a Comprehensive Guide

Getting likes or finding the best match on Hinge is no easy task. So, let’s figure out how you can make the Hinge algorithm work in your favor.
how to get more likes on hinge in 2022  a comprehensive guide

From the endless stream of online dating apps, Hinge is the only exclusive app designed to be deleted once you’ve found your soulmate. It’s a dating app for people who have had enough quick flings and casual dates that are now ready for a serious long-term relationship.

Most people have reported finding meaningful relationships on Hinge more than on any other dating app. But the common problem of receiving no likes or matches on the app is one many still struggle with. Here are the best hacks for you to get more likes on the dating app and make the algorithm work in your favor. 

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Table of Content

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. Why Getting More Likes on Hinge is Important
  2. Reasons why you cannot get any likes on Hinge
  3. How To Get More Likes on Hinge For Guys: 10 Hacks
  4. How many likes do you get on Hinge?
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

Why Getting More Likes on Hinge is Important

Dating apps are constantly evolving and changing but one thing has remained the same - likes are key for landing a serious relationship. Likes and matches are Hinge’s currency for dating – you need them to talk to women and without them, you have no chance of landing a date in real life.

Essentially, likes and matches are the first step to talking to women you’re interested in. Once you secure a few likes, then you can try to land yourself a date.

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reasons why you cannot get any likes on hinge

Reasons why you cannot get any likes on Hinge

ROAST, get more matches

Hinge is an exciting dating app that encourages attractive profiles to stand out in the crowd and find a good match. There can be several errors in how you set up your profile. It can be the boring bio or the unclear picture that doesn’t flaunt your features. Some reasons for no Hinge likes can be:

Generic Profile

The dating world is highly crowded, and your best option is to make yourself as appealing as possible because no one wants to get stuck with a boring person. Just like for Bumble profiles, using great pictures and writing fascinating prompts can help you outshine others.

Below are some tips for you:

  • List your key strengths in your prompt answers.
  • Upload photos that accentuate your attractive features. Beautiful smile, pretty eyes, etc.
  • Keep your Hinge answer short, entertaining, and interesting.

Outdated Picture

Your first photo builds your impression and your chances of getting more matches.

No matter how great your prompts are, if your profile picture is not up to the mark, all your efforts will be in vain. Forget about using a picture that you clicked years ago. Low-quality Hinge photos won’t help you gain those precious likes.

You can use an image from a memorable day with your friends or one that reflects true high-end fashion sense. You can use a selfie only if it has a beautiful view or displays your photographic skills.

You can ask your friend or hire a professional photographer for a much more recent picture for better pictures.

  • Take advantage of the daylight and get your pictures clicked outdoors.

  • If you have a pet feel free to bring them with you.

  • Avoid big hats, sunglasses, or any accessories that hide your face.

  • Never use a group photo for your Hinge profile.

Inauthentic Profile Details

We often fail to express ourselves in words, and sometimes, due to the fear of judgment, we do not truly express our views and opinions. Many users make the mistake of just copying and sharing captions and pictures from the internet. It is likely to cause more damage than any good. You can only find a good match if your profile is authentic and reflects your true personality.

Misunderstood the Hinge Prompts

For the top ratings on Hinge, every user gets seventy-five prompts used by the platform to find the best possible match. If these prompts are used incorrectly, it can lead to zero likes whatsoever.

Bonus: Tips on how to build a Flawless Hinge Profile

  1. The first thing you need is the best main picture for your profile. Choose photos in which you look confident, happy, and relaxed, the way you act in real life. Preferably full-body shot over selfies. Wear bright-colored clothes and add more pictures, don’t depend on one picture only.

  2. Write authentic and interesting bios. Add your hobbies, favorite sports, and a short description of what you are looking for.

  3. Keep Hinge prompts original and honest. You can take inspiration but avoid copying and pasting them.

  4. Add an unpopular opinion to show your rebellious side and that you do not follow the rules.

  5. Add your life goals to your bio to sound confident and sorted.

How To Get More Likes on Hinge For Guys: 10 Hacks

Getting more likes on Hinge doesn’t have to be a difficult or time-consuming process. There are a few things you can do to upgrade your Hinge profile to help get more likes and matches on the dating platform. These are the top 10 hacks to get more likes on Hinge:

1. Get rid of the Selfies

Selfies are boring and will make you look vain and self-absorbed, which you definitely don’t want. Too many selfies for Hinge photos will have the opposite effect you’re going for and will drive women away from your profile. Instead, use candid and action photos that other people have taken of you.

Photos like this are much more natural and will show potential matches you’re active and have friends to take pictures of you.

2. Use a portrait profile photo

Getting your profile picture right is 80% of the job of online dating. If you have an attractive profile picture, you’re setting yourself up for success and making your profile as attractive as it can be to get more matches. Use a clear portrait photo as your first photo. High-resolution photos tend to do very well on the app.

Your matches want to see what you look like, so use a high-quality photo of yourself as your first impression photo.

3. Drop the group photos

Showing your social circle is a great idea in theory, but group photos rarely tend to do well and can end up working against you. Women may not know which one you are in the photo and most won’t waste their time trying to find out. You can also make yourself look less attractive – if you’re not sure if you’re the most attractive person in the photo, don’t post it!

4. Don’t try and please everyone

Pleasing everyone won’t get you very far and is not a good strategy to increase your likes on Hinge. Think about your likes, values, and personality and then imagine the type of woman you want to be with. Once you define the type of woman you want to attract, you can curate a profile that does exactly that. Don’t try to reach everyone– this will only make your profile look all over the place and confusing.

5. Use Hinge prompts

Your Hinge bio is the second thing women will look at after your profile photo, so it needs to be interesting enough to stand out. Hinge prompts are the perfect way to elevate your profile and give potential matches something interesting to talk to you about. Your Hinge answer is also essential to improve your online dating success rate. Here are a few Hinge prompts and answers to try in your bio:

  • Give me travel tips for… Greece! I’m dying to go to Mykonos

  • Two truths and a lie… I’ve been cage diving with great whites. I DJed at Burning Man. My mother invented skittles.

  • I geek out on… Harry Potter. Even after all this time.

  • A shower thought I recently had… When you say “Forward” and “Back”, your lips move in those directions.

6. Don’t be too picky

If you’re only swiping right on a few select profiles you find really attractive, you’re not going to get many likes on Hinge. Don’t be too picky and try to be more open-minded about profiles. Don’t just look at photos – read bios and try to get to know each match to help you make your decision. The more profiles you like, the more chances you have of increasing your match rate.

7. Don’t overindulge in the right swipe

You want to be active on Hinge, but what you don’t want is to be too active and swipe right on every single profile. You’ll use up your daily swipes quickly, and could be wasting them on women you don’t like or will find common ground with.

Keep an open mind and swipe on profiles that you know you have a chance of connecting with.

8. Don’t be shy, send the first message!

Unlike with apps like Bumble, you don’t have to wait for women to make the first move. Radiate confidence by taking the lead and sending the first message. This will take the pressure off of her to break the ice, and will encourage her to reply to you.

9. Spark curiosity

Have an interesting element about your profile. Whether it’s a profile photo showing off an interesting hobby like traveling, rock climbing, or being adventurous, make your profile stand apart from the rest.

Add an interesting and intriguing bio to avoid having a boring bio that downgrades your Hinge profile. You don’t want a typical bland profile that women have seen countless times before, so don’t forget to add a bit of individuality to your profile.

10. Add proof points

Proof points are the details on your profile that will help verify you and show women you’re exactly who you say you are. Women don’t want to question whether you’re legit or not. They want proof that you’re a trustworthy match worth getting to know. Here are a few examples of proof points you should add to your profile:

  1. Verify your account & photos: verifying your account and photos is easy and only takes a few minutes. The app will use your phone camera to confirm that you look like your photos. This is so important when it comes to making your profile look legit!

  2. Include your age, job, and education: women want to know more about you to confirm that you’re a real person. Don’t stress too much about the details here.

  3. Link your Instagram or Facebook account: Your Instagram and Facebook accounts are both another way to reassure women that you’re a real person. This will show her you have Facebook friends and a real life on Instagram. Make sure to have photos of yourself and of friends on your Insta profile.

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You will know exactly which pictures are good or not, and most importantly why.

So, what are you waiting for to take charge of your dating life?

how many likes do you get on hinge

How many likes do you get on Hinge?

Steps before reseting

Hinge offers a minimal number of likes in its free version. The official website says the Hinge limit is up to 8 likes a day if you are signed up as a free member.

However, the app reset these likes at 4:00 am daily. The free Hinge user can explore other profiles, send messages to potential matches, and even access the most important feature ‘Hinge Likes You. The beauty of this app is if you succeed in setting up a blazing Hinge bio, then these eight likes of your free version would be enough.

frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many likes does each user get on Hinge?

All the free users on Hinge get eight likes a day that gets renewed at 4.00 am. The accounts with premium subscriptions get unlimited likes.

Q. How to get more likes on Hinge?

Getting a paid version is one way to get more likes on Hinge. But if you use your profile picture, bio, and prompts smartly, you can get a ton of suitable hinge matches.

Q. How can I see the previously liked profiles?

Unfortunately, there is no way to access the profiles you have liked previously until those members decide to Match with you.

Q. Why can’t I get likes on Hinge?

There can be different reasons, including your profile pic is not clear or appealing, or your bio doesn’t click the right points. Lastly, you can ask Hinge customer service via email for any technical glitch.

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Hinge is a widely used dating app, especially in the US. If you are not one of the Hinge users, you are missing up on a huge opportunity for a serious relationship. Use our hinge profile tips and tricks to get started on this great online dating platform and discover the true love you have always desired.

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