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How to Tease a Girl over Text and Make Her Flirt Back?

Flirting with a girl over text builds her excitement for the next date with you. So, learn to flirt with your dream girl over text correctly.
How to Tease a Girl Over Text Successfully?

The sexual tension in a relationship is significant to keep that spark alive in your dating life. It creates excitement and fun and makes you more attractive to her. Whether calling your young lady cute names or accusing her of hitting on you, the effect of playful teasing is always healthy for a relationship.

The key to teasing a girl with text messages will help you build her trust to create sexual tension and make things interesting.

This article will discuss how to tease attractive women over text messages to win them over and get their 100% attention.

However, remember you do not have to be excessively sexual like all the other guys; instead, you need to upgrade your flirting game and use descriptive words and fun statements to get her attention.

So, let's get started right away.

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Table of Contents

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. What do you mean by Sexual Tension?
  2. How to Tease Her Over Text?
  3. How to Create Sexual Tension for a Playful Time?
  4. Things to Remember
What do you mean by Sexual Tension?

What do you mean by Sexual Tension?

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Sexual tension refers to the tension between the state of attraction and the lack of escalation. Commonly, it is known as teasing. Louis Farfield, a TextGod, explains teasing as a playful statement that provokes the other person and provokes an emotional reaction.

Teasing is something that all girls love and enjoy. Firstly, it shows that the guy has a good sense of humor, and girls prefer a guy who can make them laugh.

Secondly, teasing shows a guy’s level of confidence. It shows her that you are someone who will compliment them constantly and keep the atmosphere in the relationship fun and interesting.

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How to Tease Her Over Text?

How to Tease Her Over Text?

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Creating sexual tension and using naughty words to flirt with a woman always wins her attention. A confident man assumes he is attractive and every woman out there would love to date him.

They assume that all girls love to have dirty thoughts about them. Therefore they use playful vibes to motivate a girl to express her feelings without getting into an awkward confrontation.

Here are some tips to tease a girl:

Use flirty nicknames

The best way to tease a girl is to call her by naughty nicknames. You can use nicknames like shorty, sexy pants, sugar tits, peach bum, titty sprinkles, honey lips, stud muffins, sugar buns, sultry temptress, or sweet cheeks.

“Freckles" or "little miss perfect" are good examples of funny nicknames to impress your girlfriend.

Try different names and see what you and your partner like, or you can make your own. Such flirty nicknames express your love and affection and that you are not here just for random friendships.

Send her memes, GIFs, and Pics

Memes, GIFs, and Pics are mighty for expressing emotions, thoughts, and stories. Use relevant memes and gifts to tease her, make her laugh, and roll her eyes.

You can even use them to reply to her text messages. You can even start a meme war with her; that is always a fun idea.

Mimic her style

Another way to tease a girl is to mimic her style. You can copy her speaking style when she's mad at you or mimic her speaking on voice notes. It will not only make her laugh but will also make her forget what she was angry about.

Treat her like a kid

Unbelievably, every woman subconsciously enjoys her boyfriend treating her like a child. Even though they'll never openly acknowledge it, there's something seductive about it.

You may get her in the mood and build sexual tension by treating her like a child.

To do this, use phrases like "young lady" or "little one." You may even add humor to it by jokingly threatening to spank her.

For instance, you could remark, "I think somebody needs a little spanking." She'll become excited about it, which will make your jokes funnier.

Keep the romance alive

Aside from all the teases and cute names, being romantic is another cherry on top that never fails you to sweep a woman off her feet. Girls prefer romance, and guys are known for getting laid.

But let's reverse this idea and let her express her love for you. Tell her you would love it if she would purse romance instead. Now she'll be considering chasing you and will be forced to leave the stereotyped position she has been accustomed to.

Teasing her you can't be friends anymore

Teasing over something you don’t like or prefer is an exciting way to keep the spark alive. For instance, if she doesn’t like F.R.I.E.N.D.S and you are its die-hard fan, you can tease them by saying, “I can't believe you don’t like Friends, sorry but we can’t be friends anymore’.

Or you can try this over any TV show, movie, or habit they have or like, and you can’t bear it the other way around.

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How to Create Sexual Tension for a Playful Time?

How to Create Sexual Tension for a Playful Time?

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Another way for a playful time is to build sexual tension in your flirty texts. You can use a text message like ‘let’s do it' to agree with her on any outing plan. But the double meaning in this simple statement increased the attraction level and made her consider the unthinkable.

Another way to create sexual tension is to use sexual innuendos and dirty dream techniques to arouse your girl’s feelings.

Using sexual innuendo in your conversation

Sexual innuendo is a tried and tested method in online dating to tease a girl over text. An innuendo refers to a sexual act or body part indirectly allowing her to imagine things independently. It shows your great sense of humor and the fact that you are super comfortable with her.

However, be careful not to fill your entire conversation with sexual indications only. Use them occasionally because otherwise, a girl will get irritated and lose interest in you.

The dirty dream technique to build sexual tension

The dirty dream technique is an excellent example of creating tension with women. Start with telling her you had the dirtiest dream about her last night. You can keep your tone casual to tell her you think about her or sound shocked.

Making fun of your dream helps you break the sexual tension and make her comfortable. Now you can take the text conversation in a sexual direction. Talk about your dream and share stories to make things interesting.

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Things to Remember

Things to Remember

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On any online dating app, you need to consider a few basics before you text girls to get their attention.

  • Make sure you have an impressive profile with high-quality pictures.

  • You must be well-dressed and smiling in your pictures.

  • You can add pictures with your friends.

  • A cute picture with your pet will attract more attention than you can imagine.

  • Pictures with you engaged in your favorite hobby. It can be while reading a book, riding a bike, etc.

In short, you need to show that you live the life anyone would love to have. Your likes, hobbies, and activities will attract women with similar interests and allow you to bond better.

Attractive women on any online dating app already have numerous guys messaging them for a date; therefore, to stand apart from most men, you need to look different and act different in text conversations.

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Texting girls to build attraction require you to play around a bit with words and humor. From flirting with cute nicknames to sharing memes, and pics and treating her like a true gentleman makes a woman comfortable and encourages her to express her feelings more clearly.

But despite all your efforts, women are interested in an attractive man who are confident and has a purpose in life.

So, along with polishing your text game, build your personality and mind.

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