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Is Online Dating Worth It? Five Expert Tips To Make It Count

Online dating is not a losing battle. So, let your dream of finding a future spouse come true through online dating using these expert tips.
Is Online Dating Worth It?

Nowadays, dating means making an account on online dating sites and apps and matching with like-minded people to build a connection. So, the question is, 'Is online dating worth it?' It certainly is. When we hear of all the horrible first date encounters, numerous stories also hail about couples meeting online and having a beautiful relationship later.

Popular dating apps offer numerous opportunities for people to meet online and build a committed relationship with their favorite person. If you are also indecisive about giving a shot to online dating platforms, then this article is a godsend for you.

Here we bring you 5 valid reasons to support that online dating apps are worth it, along with expert tips to find true love.

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Table of Contents

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. Top Reasons To Trust Dating Apps To Find A True Partner:
  2. The Do's and Don't's of Online Dating:
Top Reasons To Trust Dating Apps To Find A True Partner:

Top Reasons To Trust Dating Apps To Find A True Partner:

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1. Dating sites or apps have a huge dating pool for singles:

The pandemic has taught people to explore the world and opportunities just from the comfort of their homes. These days singles who wish to find their soul mate try their luck initially on dating apps only.

Pew Research Center states that around 48% of singles aged 18-29 and 38% of adult singles aged 30-49 have resorted to dating sites or an app to find a partner. Moreover, men on dating apps outnumber women by 4.8%, which gives them a golden opportunity to match with the right women online. Dating sites like Match gained millions of new visitors and active members after the COVID lockdown.

2. Dating at utmost convenience:

If you're not much into socializing, then online dating apps offer singles a golden chance to stay at home and date from the comfort of their homes. Since first dates are always overwhelming, online dates allow singles to overcome their first-date anxiety before they finally meet in person.

Some premium features like icebreakers, prompts, and private chat rooms offered by dating apps allow singles to have a real date experience online only.

3. Meeting people from across the world:

Singles no longer have to depend on the number of other singles available in their neighborhood only. Now with the blessing of online dating sites, users can date a person from all over the world. Long-distance relationships have become the new norm of modern dating.

Online dating and the amazing features of dating sites have made it easier for people to connect online and date people from any part of the world. Advanced features like video chats make online dating worth it.

4. Dating sites tailored to your needs:

All dating sites focus on a specific niche or cater to a specific audience. For instance, Adult FriendFinder and OkCupid are hailed for casual hookups, whereas eHarmony is best for finding serious relationships. You can even find a suitable dating app that matches your hobbies. For instance, Smoke and Poke is for singles who love marijuana.

Geiger and Livingstone concluded in 2019 that 64% of married couples with the same interests are more likely to have a successful marriage than those with similar interests.

5. Free dating sites:

The biggest perk of finding relationships using online dating apps is that they are free. They offer you a chance to explore and meet numerous singles all free of cost. You can choose to date for free or subscribe to an affordable premium membership to get better quality matches.

Singles can choose the plans based on their needs. For instance, a free dating site like eHarmony allows members to start their dating journey with a free version and try out their membership plans with a free trial.

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The Do's and Don't's of Online Dating:

The Do's and Don't's of Online Dating:

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Do's of online dating:

Analyze what you want:

Before you enter the dating world, it's essential to analyze what is your ultimate goal. Are you interested in a serious long-term relationship, or are you here to make friends and have fun only? Also, understand what is your idea of an ideal partner and how you can have a real connection with them.

Research about the dating apps:

Not all dating apps are suitable for everyone. For instance, the majority of the users of Tinder are from the age group of 24 to 30. Whereas Bumble is the go-to app for people above 30.

Create a stunning profile:

Now comes the time to set up a profile. It's very important to choose good profile photos and prompts that will reflect your true personality. It needs to show how you are in real life. If you do not set up your profile seriously, your potential partners will not take you seriously.

Have patience:

You cannot expect to create an online dating account one day and find true love the other day. You will have to create a strategy and analyze which type of people you are interested in. Save your time and energy by talking with your match on a phone call or video call, as it will save you from future disappointment if the two of you don't vibe well.

Don't's of online dating:

  • Avoid misrepresenting yourself on online dating platforms. Because relationships built on fake personalities won't last longer.
  • Never avoid the red flags. If you have started talking with someone recently and they insist on meeting in person, whereas they have no presence on any other social media accounts, it might mean the person is trying to trap you.
  • Don't fall for the chemistry only. Personality, intelligence, shared values, and interests play an important role in making a relationship successful.


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The worth of online dating ultimately hinges on individual experiences, preferences, and intentions. While it provides a convenient platform to meet people and foster connections, success depends on honest communication, realistic expectations, and a commitment to personal safety.

The success of online dating merely depends on analyzing what you are looking for and what your expectations are. Be open to new experiences and have fun while discovering yourself, and the journey is sure to take you to your dream partner.

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Ben Bailey

Ben is one of the best Dating Experts I've ever met and one of the few that cracked the algorithm of online dating. Every week, Ben is publishing new articles on ROAST, helping 20M+ of people to get more matches, dates, and find the one!

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