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Signs she wants you to make a move

You may not notice, but there are signs a girl wants you to make a move. Learn those obvious signs to take your life in the right direction.
signs she wants you to make a move

Women are always hesitant to make the first move toward the opposite sex. But there are always some definite signs she wants you to make a move. From body language to verbal cues, pay attention to how she interacts with you to see if she's giving you the green light.

It's always nerve-wracking to wonder whether or not a girl likes you. Whether it's a crush at school, an old lover from childhood, or your boyfriend of three years, it can be difficult to tell if she wants more than just your company for the time being.

Sometimes all it takes is one little move, and she'll reveal her feelings for you. If you're unsure about how she feels, look for these subtle signs that she wants you to make a move on her.

In this article, we will be helping you to identify those signs and how to handle the situation like a true gentleman.

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Table of Content

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. Obvious signs she wants you to make a move
  2. The right way to approach her
obvious signs she wants you to make a move

Obvious signs she wants you to make a move

Her body language and simple gestures can help you identify whether she wants you to make a move. Check out the following signs to help you identify if your dream girl is ready for the next move.

Sign #1: She feels comfortable with you

Read her body language. She will not hesitate when she's interested in you, even when you are close. She maintains steady eye contact while talking with you and enjoys your company. With her comfortable attitude, she is also happy and relaxed with you. You will feel her breathing going deeper and more excited when you are together.

To analyze her feelings of excitement or discomfort, check her facial expressions. Her smile indicates that she enjoys your company, but her tense and irritating behavior warns you to back off.

However, if she feels nervous and clumsy around, which is not her usual behavior, this is the cutest sign that she wants you to make a move. Playing with her hair, fidgeting her fingers, and biting her lip are all clear signs of her nervousness and that she's interested in you.

Sign #2: She allows or increases the physical contact

The next sign is to check if she touches you often and loves to be around you. Maybe she touches your knee or arm casually, but the quick touch leaves you both alert and excited. Or perhaps she sits in a knee-to-knee or shoulder-to-shoulder position. Besides, she doesn't mind you sitting close to her.

When your body touch or brushes slightly consciously or unconsciously often, the good news is she's inviting you into her personal space. Women avoid physical contact with a guy they don't like.

So, if you have the same feelings and sensational chemistry flowing both ways, it's a clear sign she wants you to make a move.

Sign #3: She makes herself available all the time

One sign she wants you to make a move is that she goes out of her way to talk to you and initiate conversations. For instance,

  • She asks about your day and shares stories.

  • She always finds you at gatherings and is excited to chat with you.

  • She asks you questions that she can know from others as well.

  • She loves having long phone calls with you.

These are just some situations, but all such interactions are clear signs for you to make a move. However, make sure to confirm that she is not just being friendly with you. She might have the same attitude toward other guys as well. If you see the extra effort and attention towards you, then it's a great sign.

Sign #4: She compliments you often

Compliments are a big deal for women, whether receiving or giving them. If a woman compliments you, then it's one of the huge signs that she wants you to make a move. Random compliments like:

  • You look so good today.

  • It’s so kind of you.

  • That color really suits you.

The reason why we say compliments make the clearest signs because

  • Compliments always feel great. Research suggests that verbal praise has an equal effect as a monetary reward.

  • Positive sentiments always initiate good feelings and positive attitudes toward each other.

  • If a woman admires you, she will love to have a good romantic relationship with you.

If next time a woman compliments you, it's the clearest sign of her attraction towards you. So, compliment her genuinely and prepare them to make the next move.

Sign #5: She is asking personal questions

Personal life questions about childhood, family, and past relationships show she's interested in you. There is a chance that she knows you well, but her way of inquiring about small details, late night calls shows that she wants to be more than just friends.

Sometimes politeness and genuine affection confuse what a girl is trying to express. But if you guys often have meaningful conversations, it's a sign that she is waiting for your next move.

Sign #6: Long eye contact

Eyes are the gateway to the soul, and they say more than we can ever imagine. When a guy secretly looks at a girl, she can definitely sense it sooner or later. So if a girl looks directly into your eyes without caring about the world, whether you are in a coffee shop or at an important official event. Her gaze shows that she is deeply interested in you and wants you to make the first move.

If her gaze moves from your eyes to your lips, it shows she has already planned the first kiss with you. That direct eye contact is a huge deal. So, return the gaze playfully, hold her gaze and then move your eyes towards her lips to return her indications.

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the right way to approach her

The right way to approach her

Once you have analyzed her intentions, how should you make your first move? Initially, build the chemistry that flows well between you two. We advise you to take things slowly instead of directly escalating to kiss her.

Steps to approach a girl correctly

Step 1: Start with a friendly touch lightly on her arm, hand or knee.

Step 2: Once she gets accustomed to the first step, move to the Flirtatious touch of stroking or fixing her hair strands and hugging her. Here you are igniting a spark to go further.

Step 3: The last inevitable step of kissing your dream girl comes. Until you reach the last step, you are sure to adjust naturally and let things flow seamlessly.

Girls are always curious to know a guy’s next move. So, when you slow things, you are paving a path for the next stage.

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You might think that you imagine things, but if you read between the lines and pay attention carefully, you will find your favorite girl waiting for you to make the first move.

As we said earlier, women always avoid making the first move, but their clear intentions speak a lot. So, instead of leaving your lady luck waiting for you, capture a moment and make a move like a real gentleman.

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