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Tinder Platinum Features and Benefits

Tinder Platinum is the most premium subscription tier offered by Tinder, and it includes all of the features of Tinder Plus. Check all the other features here.


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Tinder Platinum represents a premium subscription service provided by Tinder, offering users a variety of enhanced features that enhance their overall dating experience. Subscribers to Tinder Platinum enjoy several advantages, including the ability to discern who has expressed interest in them, the liberty to issue unlimited likes, and the invaluable capability to rewind swipes.

See Who Likes You

One of the most prominent benefits of Tinder Platinum is not only it has the features of Tinder Gold, it also has other features like the "See Who Likes You" feature, which grants users the ability to identify individuals who have shown an interest in them, even if they have not reciprocated the interest.

This feature serves as a valuable tool to discover TInder potential matches and ensure that no promising connections slip through the cracks.

Unlimited Likes

Tinder Platinum subscribers also benefit from the privilege of unlimited likes. This means that they can swipe right on as many profiles as they desire, without the worry of exhausting their daily quota of likes. 

This feature is particularly advantageous for users residing in densely populated areas or those competing for attention among numerous profiles, as it significantly enhances the likelihood of securing matches.

Tinder Rewind

Another remarkable feature of Tinder Platinum is the swipe rewind functionality. Tinder Rewind allows users to rectify accidental left swipes, providing a second chance to profiles they may have mistakenly dismissed.

This feature proves to be a lifesaver for those moments when users inadvertently overlook a potentially promising match.

Tinder Passport

If you’re traveling to a new town and want to find a match even before you get there, you can use Tinder Passport, a feature by Tinder Platinum. Tinder Passport lets you plan your trips and start matching with people in a new place before you even arrive, whether it is a big city or a small town. 

**In summary, Tinder Platinum provides an excellent choice for individuals who are earnestly committed to finding meaningful connections on the platform. The supplementary features it offers provide a substantial advantage over other users, significantly boosting one's prospects for success in the world of online dating.

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