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Tinder Insights: Analyze your Tinder Stats (2023 Edition)

Get more information about your Tinder profile and activity! Read on to find out about Tinder insights and how you can access your own.
tinder insights analyze your tinder stats 2023 edition

Tinder insights can help you quantify your Tinder profile and experience. If you want to know how often you’ve swiped on the app, sent messages, received matches, along with other helpful and interesting data, fortunately, you can easily get this information from the popular dating app.

These insights can be helpful in curating a strong dating app profile too. Here is everything you need to know about getting Tinder insights and how to get access to your raw data.

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Table of Contents

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. How to Get Your Tinder Insights
  2. Is Tinder Insights Worth It?
  3. How to Fix a Low Match Rate
how to get your tinder insights

How to Get Your Tinder Insights

Step 1: Download your Tinder data

First, you’ll need to get your data from the dating app. In order to do this, you’ll have to request this data by going to this link here. Once you're on this page, log in to the page using the same login information you used to create your dating profile on the app. Then, fill in your email – which Tinder will use to email you the data.

It may take several days before you get any email from the app but once you do, there will be a download link in the email that you can press to download all of your data.

Step 2: Upload your data

Once you’ve downloaded all of your data – you’ll have a lot of information that can be difficult to read through and process. One way to simplify your data is by turning it into infographics. To get access to these services, head to Tinder Insights and upload the data and click “Get your own charts,” and then “Yes, give me my charts!” 

Step 3: Get your insights

Upload the files and wait for your infographics to load. You’ll receive useful information that will give you more details and insight about: 

  • Right and left swipes
  • Chats
  • Chat lengths - showing you your longest conversations
  • Dates
  • Best and worst opening messages
  • COVID-related Tinder activity
  • Measure your pickiness
  • Most active day of the week
  • Deliver your match rate

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is tinder insights worth it

Is Tinder Insights Worth It?


STOP swiping for nothing, get data-driven feedback and a clear action plan to stop being ghosted and get more matches.

ROAST Photo Review

If you’re looking to analyze your Tinder game and elevate your account, it’s worth it to get your data from the dating app. When you have a dating profile on Tinder, you’re going up against a lot of competition, especially if you’re a man. 

There are more men on Tinder than there are women, which means having a profile that stands out against the rest is critical. Here are a few ways you can use your Tinder data to improve your dating profile: 

Best and worst opening messages

Tinder will show you what your best opening messages were, as well as the worst ones that weren’t as effective. Using this data, you can take your best opening messages and use them as conversation starters. You can also tweak them slightly and use them to start conversations with women

Match rate

In the case that your match rate isn’t doing too well, you’ll be able to find out through your Tinder data. If you find your match rate is low, you can do a few things to improve your Tinder profile and help boost your match rate. By re-writing your bio and improving your Tinder profile pictures, you can increase your match rate on the app. 


If you’re too picky, you’ll have a much lower chance of getting more matches. You don’t want to swipe right on everyone, but it’s important to be open-minded when you’re swiping so that you can increase your chances of getting more matches.

how to fix a low match rate

How to Fix a Low Match Rate

Struggling to get matches with a low match rate on Tinder? Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to increase your shot at finding more matches. Here is how you can fix a low match rate on the dating app.

1. Improve your profile photos

Your Tinder profile photos are key to getting more women drawn to your profile. Make sure you’re using high-quality photos that show your face. Avoid selfies and group shots with multiple people unless you’re the best-looking in the group. Instead, show off your best features in clear, quality photos.

You’ll also want to add in a full body shot to show matches what you look like, as well as photos that show you doing a hobby or something you enjoy doing. 

An effortless method to enhance your profile picture and receive more likes is by utilizing a Tinder profile optimization service like ROAST. This service will examine your profile photo, pinpoint areas for improvement, and assist you in making it better.

2. Write an interesting Tinder bio

Your Tinder bio is the second thing each potential match is going to look at, so you want to ensure you make a good impression. Write a strong, interesting Tinder bio that tells women a bit more about yourself. You can talk about your passions, hobbies, and even add in a funny line or two to make your matches laugh. 

3. Use professional photos 

If you don’t have high-quality Tinder photos, you can opt to hire a professional photographer to take photos for your profile. There are many photographers who specialize in taking photos for dating profiles, and hiring one will ensure you get great photos for your profile.


Get data-driven feedback and clear actions to boost your profile now, get more matches and find the one.

Tinder checklists

Trusted by 256,862 happy users


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Get data-driven feedback and clear actions to boost your profile now, get more matches and find the one.

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