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Hinge Premium: Is It Worth Becoming a Hinge Preferred Member?

Hinge's Preferred Membership gives you unlimited likes, extra filters, and more for $30 per month. You can also buy Roses and Boosts to get an extra visibility boost.
is it worth becoming a hinge preferred member

If you're single and looking for a serious relationship, Hinge may be the dating app for you. Hinge is different from other dating apps—in fact, you're encouraged to delete the app once you've found "the one."

This app isn't for casual hook-ups but those serious about finding love in a real relationship. But is it worth becoming a Hinge Preferred member? If you're unfamiliar with what a Hinge Preferred member is, it is similar to Tinder's Plus, Gold, and Platinum packages.

Let's dive into the app's new features and find out with our Hinge preferred review of the benefits behind a Hinge preferred membership.

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Table of Content

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. The Benefits of Hinge Preferred Member
  2. Pros & Cons of a Free Hinge Membership
  3. How Much Does Hinge Preferred Cost?
  4. Is Hinge Premium Worth It?
  5. FAQ - All you need to know about Hinge Preferred Membership
the benefits of hinge preferred member

The Benefits of Hinge Preferred Member

A significant advantage of the Hinge Preferred Membership is the advanced filters that enable members to find someone who meets their specific criteria. Users can narrow their search and save time by eliminating people based on their height, religion, wants for children, politics, drug use, education, and more. Thus, these additional filters make it easier for users to find compatible matches with whom they have things in common.

Using the advanced filters, you can reduce the amount of time you spend on relationships that aren't going anywhere. Such filtering capabilities will allow you to spend more heavily on candidates more compatible with your romantic goals, such as those who don't smoke or have children.

Hinge Preferred membership users have the opportunity to use unlimited "likes," making it easier to connect with more people on the app. With this feature, you can quickly swipe through all the potential matches in your area and find someone you're interested in without hitting a limit. Because let's face it—sometimes, the tenth match does the trick, not the third. Dating sites can be tricky.

Just like with Tinder and their paid Tinder Platinum, those with a Hinge preferred membership can view all of the people who have liked them in one convenient location. By doing this, you can quickly determine if someone is interested in you and can start chatting right away!

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pros  cons of a free hinge membership

Pros & Cons of a Free Hinge Membership

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No costs are associated with the Hinge app's basic functionality, and good results don't have to be paid for. Before you pay for any popular dating app:

  • Work on your profile.

  • Improve your photos.

  • Optimize your hobbies and lifestyle choices for better results without investing money.

It's just wiser to fully optimize your online dating app profile to increase your chances of more matches before investing in a paid membership.

That being said, one major drawback of a free Hinge membership? You're throttled at only engaging with a maximum of eight(8) users in a 24-hour period. This can be really frustrating if you are not finding matches quickly enough for your ideal partner.

Luckily, for those who are super serious about online dating, a premium service option is available.

how much does hinge preferred cost

How Much Does Hinge Preferred Cost?

You must be a paid Hinge Premium member if you wish to take advantage of Hinge seriously. There are three subscription plans available:

  • $19.99 for one month,

  • $39.99 for three months, and

  • $59.99 for six months.

Paying for a subscription enables you to see who likes you and get unlimited likes. Only mutual likes are visible for free users who don't pay for premium access.

Free and paid users alike have the same access levels when it comes to finding and contacting members of the Hinge dating app. Luckily, the Hinge team works hard to provide a solid online dating platform: They monitor for fake profiles and respond to reports as soon as they become aware.

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is hinge premium worth it

Is Hinge Premium Worth It?

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Feature-wise, that depends on what you expect from the app. Several users have stated that they are not satisfied with the expanded access and options offered by the service. Since you do not have to pay to send messages on the app or locate people in your area, purchasing the premium membership may not be worthwhile. This is especially true if your only focus is a few carbon-copy conversation starters before a Netflix and Chill invitation.

Just like with Tinder and Tinder Gold, being a Hinge Premium member has perks over being a free Hinge user. You will have a larger pool of potential matches and be at the forefront of the app and other exclusive rights. The free version is recommended as a starting point. Getting all you want from an app without paying is fantastic! But a preferred membership plan may be worth considering if you're not having as much luck and want more matches.

Additionally, the free version of Hinge may not be worthwhile for users who live in remote areas. However, those who live in a big city may fare better on the app due to the larger pool of potential matches (but this is true of most dating apps).

faq  all you need to know about hinge preferred membership

FAQ - All you need to know about Hinge Preferred Membership

Does Hinge have a free trial?

Yes, you can get a free trial of Hinge for seven days after creating an account. This gives users time to use the app, access filters, and become comfortable with the dating app before deciding to pay for the premium service.

Does Hinge Auto-Renew?

Even if you delete or don't use the app, Hinge will automatically renew your membership. The app settings or Google Pay or Apple Pay (whichever method you chose) are the only ways to cancel.

What is Hinge Boost?

For a period of time, Hinge Boost makes your profile more visible to users. In the event that you purchase Boost, other users will not be aware of this.

Consequently, you are likely to receive more views and likes from users who are not located in the same area, age group, or other factors as you are. This could be either a huge plus or a significant disadvantage for your dating life online.

Dating Profile Review

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Suppose you're looking for a more serious relationship and are willing to invest time and money in your dating profile. In that case, Hinge Premium may be the right choice for you. SAS preferred membership has several great benefits and is one of the better dating apps available with unlimited likes.

However, if you're just looking for hook-ups, you may want to stick with the app's free version if you decide to use it at all.

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