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Does Tinder notify screenshots? [2024 Update]

No, people won't get a Tinder screenshot notification if you take a screenshot of their Tinder profiles or conversations. So you are safe! Unless there is another way to know...
Tinder Screenshot

Since Snapchat popularized the screenshot notification feature, people often wonder (in fear usually) if taking a Tinder screenshot notifies the other person.

So does Tinder notify users that you’ve taken a screenshot? Will the girl ever think you’re a screenshotting weirdo? Because if she did, that would be embarrassing and likely the end of your interaction.

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These concerns are all valid, and we’ll explore this issue in this article.

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Table of Contents

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. Does Tinder Notify Screenshots?
  2. What People Screenshot on Tinder And Why?
  3. How To Take Screenshots on Tinder?
does tinder notify screenshots

Does Tinder Notify Screenshots?


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So does Tinder notify screenshots? Let’s look at the three different cases.

Can Someone See If You Screenshot Their Profile?

You take the Tinder screenshot. Your heart pounds. Your mind runs in circles. Oh no! Will she get a notification? Does she know what I just did? This is so awkward. I bet she thinks I’m a creepy loser who lives in my mother’s basement. Nooooooo.

Chill, you can let out a sigh of relief - Tinder does not notify the girl of screenshots you’ve taken of their profile.

So go ahead, screenshot all her pictures. Hang them on the wall.

The girl will never come to know you took those sneaky screenshots.

Unless you hung her picture on your wall, and she comes to your house after a date. Then she might call the cops.

Can Someone See If You Screenshot Their Conversations?

So maybe you’re not the world’s best texter, and you constantly need to ask your friend for the perfect message to send.

Well, firstly, if you haven’t read our text guide that we suggested you read - Why not!

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And secondly, if you’re looking for texting advice, take a screenshot, hundreds of them if you want to. The other person won’t get notified.

Just be sure to have the same level of charisma in person as when you texted her (using the lines your friend gave you). Because otherwise, it will be awkward.

Can You Get a Notification if Someone Else Screenshots Your Tinder?

No, you won’t get a Tinder screenshot notification when someone takes a screenshot of your Tinder.

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what people screenshot on tinder and why

What People Screenshot on Tinder And Why?

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Ever matched with a really cute girl and showed her off to your friends? Well, you’re not alone - guys LOVE to show off their cute matches to their guy friends.

It probably ties into the sense of validation we get when we show off the girls we date. And guys, you’re not alone, girls do the same as well. Ah, we humans. Narcissism runs in our genes.

Let’s look at more reasons people take screenshots on Tinder.

To Get Opinion on a Match

Sometimes people want to get opinions on the people they match with. There might be something intriguing about a profile, or maybe there’s some observation they made that share-worthy. And why wouldn’t they share stuff - if you’ve been on Tinder for any length of time, you know how varied and interesting profiles are.

Get Help With their Tinder Conversation

This is by far the biggest reason I see people taking screenshots on the app. Let’s face it, texting is hard, and texting your Tinder match is even harder (well, not if you’re the special ones who have checked out our Tinder texting guide).

Guys often take screenshots of text messages girls send to them get texting help from their buddies (especially those with good text game). They do this because they want to send the perfect message that will make the girl interested and go on a date with him.

If you need some help with getting your Tinder conversations going, that’s where our experts from ROAST can help. We know all the right things to say to keep your matches interested and get them to agree to more dates! Try ROAST now to boost your Tinder experience.

Share Funny Tinder Screenshots

Some profiles are funny by design. Others are funny by accident. Either way, there’s plenty of humorous material on Tinder, and a good chuckle is a couple of swipes away.

People often share with their friends the profiles that made them laugh. If you want to get girls to laugh and get attracted to your profile, then be creative and craft an intriguing, attractive, and funny bio. You can get some tips from our bio guide here.

If you’re looking for more tips to make your profile funny and stand out from the crowd, why not try using ROAST? Our experts can suggest ways to improve your profile, inlcuding ways to grab the attention of potential matches. There couldn’t be an easier way to increase your matches.

Though keep in mind - don’t become a clown and put yourself down just to make a girl laugh. Making fun of yourself in a demeaning way shows that you have low self-esteem, and that’s an attraction killer.

You should be able to laugh at yourself while simultaneously not taking yourself seriously. Girls can generally sense when you’re laughing at yourself in a fun way vs. a degrading way. Your humor should always help make you more attractive and not more unattractive.

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how to take screenshots on tinder

How To Take Screenshots on Tinder?

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How to Screenshot Tinder on iOS?

To take a screenshot on an iPhone with Face ID, press the side button and the volume up button at the same time.

Take a screenshot of Tinder

To take a screenshot on an iPhone with a home button, press the side or top button and the home button simultaneously.

How to Tinder Screenshots on Android?

To screenshot Tinder on an Android, press the power button and the volume down button (I guess they want it to seem like they don’t copy Apple in EVERYTHING).

How to Screenshot Tinder on Windows PCs?

The simplest way to take a screenshot on most Windows PCs is to press the PrtScn key on your keyboard. It’s usually placed in the top row or near the Function keys.

On some laptops, you have to first hold the Function Key and then press PrtScn to take screenshots.

How to Screenshot on Tinder on Mac?

To take a screenshot of the whole screen on Mac, press shift+command+3. To capture a portion of the screen, press shift+command+4.


Get data-driven feedback and clear actions to boost your profile now, get more matches and find the one.


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Don’t worry if you’ve taken a screenshot by mistake. Whether you’ve taken one screenshot or a thousand, it doesn’t matter; Tinder users don’t get notified when screenshots are taken.

So have fun taking screenshots, whether it is to show your friends a funny profile picture, share an interesting bio, or get help from a friend for writing a good conversation opener. Tinder keeps your secret safe.

Also, don’t forget that ROAST has all the tools you need, whether that be advice on which photos to include on your profile or how to keep your conversations fun and interesting. It really is that simple! Try ROAST today.

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