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How To Respond To WSG (What's Good) Question on Text Message? 20+ Ways!

With these clever comebacks and genuine conversation starters, responding to the new trending question “What's Good” will not be a problem anymore.
How To Respond To Wsg?

Texting has just got creative even more. Now there's a new way to ask 'How is your day?', 'How are you?' or 'What's up?' by saying ‘What’s good(WSG)’.

The question might seem a bit tricky, but answering it is not. Whether it's a friend, family member, or a potential match throwing the WSG your way, fear not. We've curated the ultimate guide on how to respond to the WSG message with confidence, tailored to the unique dynamics of a specific relationship.

Discover the art of responding to this trendy greeting with finesse and flair.

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Table of Contents

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  1. What is the meaning of WSG?
  2. Best Responses To WSG Text:
  3. Flirty Responses To The WSG Text Message:
  4. Cynical Responses To What's Good Text:
What is the meaning of WSG?

What is the meaning of WSG?

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“WSG” is the acronym for “What's good?”. It's the new informal way of greeting others and is also a great conversation starter. Greeting someone with a WSG is a casual way to inquire about how they are and what is going on in their life.

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Best Responses To WSG Text:

Best Responses To WSG Text:

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Replying to the 'What's Good?” doesn't have to be a mundane, dry conversation. You can share how you feel but with a touch of humor for a better lively conversation.

Here's how to respond to WSG in a funny, humorous way.

1. “Can anything good happen to a person who has friends like you?”

It's a great way to express your good mood and start a conversation with your friend on a lighter note. Avoid using such stunts with people who get offended easily.

2. "Not my WiFi, that's for sure."

You can use this reply if you are having a bad day just because your wifi decided not to work on that particular day. This response will open up a conversation about the important tasks you have at hand that you can't complete without a wifi.

3. "My sock game, always."

This response is a unique way to inject humor into the conversation with quirky and relatable details, creating a light-hearted and engaging exchange.

4. “The Mexican food. Oh, my good! I'm just in love with this cuisine.”

You can change this answer according to the thing that is on your mind. You can replace food with a movie, weather, or whatever suits you best.

5. “Not much. Same old routine. Tell me about yours. “

If you are on regular texting terms with your friend, then this is a perfect response. It shows nothing exciting has happened, but you are interested in listening to their whereabouts.

6. “Let's not talk about it here. Can we meet when you are free?”

Some things are better said in person than in texts. If that's the case, then this WSG response is the best way to tell your friend or family member to meet you.

7. "The probability of my snacks disappearing within the next hour."

It's a good WSG reply because it humorously anticipates the imminent disappearance of snacks, adding a playful and relatable touch to the conversation while also prompting further engagement with the topic.

8. “How am I supposed to know? Why don't you share what you think is good about me?”

Instead of bragging about your achievements and positives, you are giving your friends a chance to tell what's good about them. It's a perfect way to respond to WSG by giving the other person a chance to talk without being a narcissist who only talks and praises themselves.

9. “Wait, what? You really think something is good with me?”

It's a direct way to tell them that you don't have any new or good news that needs to be shared with them. Everything is normal, and nothing new has happened to you.

10. “The good thing is that weekend is finally here.”

You can use this response with your colleague telling them that you can't wait for the weekend after a hectic week.

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Flirty Responses To The WSG Text Message:

Flirty Responses To The WSG Text Message:

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If you get a 'What's good?' text from a crush or a guy/girl you're dating, then replying smartly to 'WSDL can be a great conversation starter. Since you are at a stage of knowing each other, you need to make sure this interaction is special. So, here is how to respond to WSG texts from your favorite girl/guy.

1. “All is great except for your chosen pick-up line.”

What's good is often used on dating sites to break the ice. But you can show your flirty side and roast them for the most used pickup line.

2. "Not much, just the usual. But hearing from you would definitely make it a good day."

It's a good flirty response because it maintains a casual tone while subtly expressing that the person's message would enhance the sender's day, adding a hint of charm and interest.

3. “I feel happy to have someone as wonderful as you in my life."

This response helps you express your gratitude for having them as a wonderful person in your life.

4. “Can anything feel right or good when an awesome person like you is not in my life.”

This cute response is sure to leave your crush blushing. It's a perfect way to express your idea of having them in your life as a partner.

5. "Trying to decide if 'What's good?' is code for 'Let's make plans.' What do you think?"

If you guys are comfortable talking for a while, then this response will help you decide or talk about your first date ideas and eventually have some fun together outside the texting world.

6. “Now, when you've asked, everything feels good.”

It's an ideal flirty response to let your match know that you are interested in them seriously. It shows that you feel great just by receiving their message.

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Cynical Responses To What's Good Text:

Cynical Responses To What's Good Text:

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Not everyone can be in the mood to entertain people, or the time when people have made it a habit to send a WSG message when they don't have much to talk about. Here's how to respond to WSG texts that you can use to reply sarcastically on your bad days without looking rude.

1. "Just enjoying the breathtaking excitement of folding laundry."

It's a good reply as it injects sarcasm into the mundane task of folding laundry, adding humor to the conversation and creating a relatable and light-hearted tone.

2. "Trying to master the art of pretending everything's fine."

It's a good response because it employs sarcasm to convey a humorous yet relatable perspective on navigating challenges, adding a touch of wit and authenticity to the conversation.

3. "Surviving Monday, the thrilling saga continues."

Monday is the torturous day that you can't skip or delete. You have a Sunday hangover or piles of work challenging you. Therefore it's a good response to show your Monday struggles sarcastically.

4. “I don't think I'm obliged to tell you everything.”

Not everyone asking WSG questions can be your well-wisher. This is an appropriate response when you have got some jerk at the other end.

5. “Do you really think I'm going to tell you? So you can mess things up again.”

When you sense danger and have a bad experience telling people your whereabouts, then it's time to practice some privacy and avoid sharing your information with everyone.

6. "Oh, you know, the usual thrill of adulting."

Adulthood is all about repeating the same boring routine every day. But this reply humorously highlights the challenges of adulthood sarcastically.

7. "Embracing the chaos because normal is overrated."

It's a sarcastic way of expressing that you have finally accepted that your life is going to be eventful and full of chaos all the time.

8. "Oh, you caught me at the peak of my thrilling Netflix marathon."

This response lets you express Netflix and chilling at home but with a sarcastic twist. This reply won't dry up your conversation and will let you continue without an awkward break.

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Most people use “What's Good?” to start a conversation. So now, the next time someone messages you with WSG, you will know how to respond to WSG. You can either reply with 'Hey, I'm good. Hope you're also doing great.” Or you can take inspiration from the above answers and make your magic. Just be mindful of the relationship you have with the other person to avoid offending them.

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