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Raya vs Hinge: Full Comparison of the Dating Apps

Not sure whether Raya or Hinge will be your best dating app? From matchmaking algorithms to user base and features, we examine what makes these elite and mainstream dating apps unique.
Raya vs Hinge: which one is the best?

Is there someone who has not tried their luck on online dating apps to find the love of their life? Well, maybe everyone. Dating apps can be your safe escape to not go through the endless lonely valentines day.

So, in pursuit of the best dating apps for our next relationship, we came across two major dating apps, Raya and Hinge. Where one is one of the most exclusive dating apps catering to the needs of the elite, the other is a more mainstream platform with a larger user base and an entirely different dating scene.

Today we will compare everything from the user experience to matchmaking algorithms to help you decide which app is right.

So, whether you're looking for love, casual hookups, or serious relationships, join us as we explore the extraordinary worlds of Raya and Hinge dating apps.

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Table of Contents

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. How Does Raya Work?
  2. How Does Hinge Dating App Work?
  3. Comparison of Raya and Hinge
How Does Raya Work?

How Does Raya Work?

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Raya is an exclusive dating app for elite singles available on App Store only. The app is considered a Soho House of dating, where you need a top-tier creative job and a sizeable Insta following to get the highly scrutinized committee's acceptance.

Despite being a platform for Hollywood’s A-listers community, it is like any other dating app. However, getting into Raya requires a lengthy application procedure in which a committee considers many aspects, such as your "overall Instagram influence" and who nominated you, before making a final decision.

If you're deemed worthy of acceptance, you get to try your luck in the same dating pool as supermodels and celebrities in the entertainment industry.

The Raya profile has no About section, but you can upload a few photos, fill in a bio and connect your profile to your Instagram account. You can skip the bio, but an IG account is mandatory.

The major difference between Raya's profile is that it plays a slideshow of a user with a song of your choice. Once you have set up your account and liked someone hit the like button, and if they like you back, you can start chatting with them.

Raya has the strictest privacy guidelines, where screenshots are strictly forbidden at all costs. Raya only offers paid membership which matches ambitious singletons with like-minded people working in similar creative fields.

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How Does Hinge Dating App Work?

How Does Hinge Dating App Work?

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Hinge is the only free dating app designed to be deleted, meaning it tends to help users build serious long-term relationships with a suitable match so that they won't need a dating app anymore.

It is a free app that users can download from both the iPhone App Store and Google Play Store, and free to use, although there are upgrades you can pay for.

To sign up for the Hinge account, you must provide the standard name, email, date of birth, and location information. You'll also get the option to give more details about yourself, including your height, religion, political beliefs, etc. The app does not focus only on pictures; rather, profiles are made up of questions and quotes.

Aside from basic information, you must answer three "prompts"that are a great conversation starter and let you express yourself truly in front of potential partners.

Users can reject or accept people based on their profiles, and to start a conversation, you can either send the best opening lines to your match or leave a pickup line on their photos or prompts.

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Comparison of Raya and Hinge

Comparison of Raya and Hinge

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Raya and Hinge are both popular dating apps, but they have some key differences in features, pricing, and user experience. Here's a comparison of the two:


Raya is a more exclusive dating app than Hinge, as it is geared towards people in creative industries and has a more curated user base.

The app works by offering features such as "Community," where members can connect and network with other creatives, "Concierge," which allows users to get personalized matches and a feature called "Explore," where users can see profiles of users who are not necessarily in their immediate close proximity but in other parts of the world.

Hinge, unlike other apps, is more geared towards people looking for a long-term relationship and offers features such as "We Met," which allows users to provide feedback on their dates, and "Most Compatible," which provides users with a daily match based on their preferences.

Hinge-free membership comprises filters, eight daily likes, messages with matches, and one rose a week.

Premium users receive unlimited likes, advanced filters, travel mode to see who's swiping in certain places, and unlimited backtracks in case you swipe the wrong way on someone, among many other features.


Unless you're searching for something very particular, most applications provide a free, straightforward version to download and use. Raya is one of these applications that charges a nominal monthly subscription for all users.

Its subscription-based pricing model is one of the most expensive dating apps. Its various subscription options include:

A one-month subscription costs $7.99, a six-month subscription costs $29.99, and a 12-month subscription costs $49.99.

Unlike Raya, Hinge offers a freemium model where users can access basic features for free but need to pay for premium features such as "Hinge Preferred," which allows paid users to see who likes them, and "Standouts," which gives users the ability to make their profiles visible to potential matches.

Hinge's premium subscription costs range from $9.99 to $19.99 per month, depending on the subscription length.

User Experience

Raya and Hinge have user-friendly interfaces, but the user experience differs. Raya is an invite-only dating app with a more upscale feel, as users need to apply or get an invitation from current members.

It has a rigorous screening process that only admits 8% of applicants. Once accepted, users can view other members' profiles and swipe left or right to indicate interest.

On the other hand, Hinge is the perfect one to try if you're not into hookup culture**.** It emphasizes conversation and connection-building. Users are encouraged to comment on specific parts of other users' profiles. They are limited in how many likes they can send daily, encouraging more thoughtful and intentional interactions.


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If you are indecisive between the best dating apps out there. Hinge and Raya are the two main options for online dating. Both offer dynamic features and opportunities to match with an ideal potential partner.

But both dating apps cater to different types of people. If you are frustrated with casual hook-ups and meaningless relationships, then Hinge is your best bet to explore endless options for dating. Hinge encourages users to create detailed profiles and connect with people based on shared interests and values.

However, join Raya if you want your potential partner to be from the creative industry. Raya focuses on quality over quantity, and its users typically seek serious relationships.

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