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How To Get A Girlfriend In 2023: 14 + Tried and Tested Ways

Love can be found in unusual places. Follow our simple, effective guide to make your favourite girl fall for you instantly.
how to get a girlfriend in 2023 14  tried and tested ways

Single life is fun, but at some point in life, you need a partner to share your happiness and sorrows. But making someone fall for you in the times of online dating, where everyone has numerous options to choose from, is not easy. But putting in some effort and playing smartly can lead you to a happy relationship to cherish forever.

Here, we bring you a comprehensive guide on how to get a girlfriend in 2023. We have discovered the secret recipe for making her fall for you.

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Table of Contents

Here is the outline of the article, feel free to jump to the section that interests you the most.

  1. Part 1 – Interacting with girls
  2. Part 2 – Planning for a date
  3. Part 3 – Sealing the deal:
part 1 – interacting with girls

Part 1 – Interacting with girls

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1. Get Noticed:

Fashion can be a powerful tool for making women feel attracted to you. Wearing clothing and accessories that suit your style adds a unique and intriguing element to attract women. Leather jackets, tailored suits, and decent accessories can add a touch of sophistication.

Embracing a positive change in your appearance can spark curiosity toward an attractive woman, but stay authentic and let your style speak who you are.

2. Approach her confidently:

Initiating a conversation with a girl confidently is your first stride in making a memorable impression. As you set out to start conversations, sporting a friendly smile and project an aura of relaxation and approachability.

It's crucial to adopt a composed and non-confrontational tone of voice, steering clear of high-pitched, needy requests that often deter people. Instead, employ a neutral or slightly downward vocal inflexion while maintaining a relaxed, conversational style.

Sustaining unwavering eye contact, express why you chose to approach her, all while leaving room for a pleasant conversation that doesn't raise alarms with her or her male friends. This approach positions you as approachable and sincere in your interactions.

3. Offer a genuine compliment:

Offering a genuine compliment is a key element whether you're navigating online dating apps or meeting women in person for the first time. Showing respect and interest is the best way to make a woman feel attracted to you.

When using online dating apps, a thoughtful compliment on a girl's profile picture can be a great way to show your interest. In face-to-face encounters, a well-placed compliment can make a positive impression at first sight. The key is to be specific and authentic, focusing on what genuinely caught your eye.

4. Listen carefully when she's talking:

Listen carefully when she's talking. Listening to her and showing interest will earn you brownie points and ensure you never run out of conversation topics.

Most women appreciate attentive listeners, and by keeping the spotlight on her, you minimize the chances of making conversational errors while also giving you ample material for light-hearted banter.

5. Exchange numbers:

Exchanging numbers is the next step when you sense a genuine connection in your conversation. Whether you're chatting in a bar or have met through an online dating app, this is a crucial move to keep the connection alive.

It opens up the opportunity for further communication and plans. When you feel that she's the right person for you, don't hesitate to ask for her number, as it's often the gateway to building a deeper and more meaningful connection.

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part 2 – planning for a date

Part 2 – Planning for a date

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6. Suggest a date:

When it's time to ask her out, don't rush to achieve everything in a single text. Instead, build anticipation, comfort, and excitement about meeting up with you. A natural way to steer the conversation towards a date is to hint at the idea of spending time together.

For instance, if she's a coffee enthusiast and you met in a coffee shop, mention a new boutique coffee place recently opened in town. Then, suggest the two of you should check it out together.

7. Meet for a few dates:

Opt for a relaxed and informal first-date location with opportunities for physical intimacy. Avoid dinner dates as they can be awkward and formal. Zoos are fantastic for first dates, offering endless conversation topics and interactive activities. You can feed animals and explore together, creating a shared experience.

Other great options include local events, regular bars, arcades, and ten-pin bowling alleys. Save the cinema and concerts for a second date as it limits conversation and can be awkward. Keep the first date light, fun, and memorable for both of you.

8. Must compliment her look:

At the beginning of your date, don't forget to show your appreciation for the effort she's put into getting ready. A simple and honest compliment can go a long way. You might say, "You look fantastic", to let her know that you've noticed and appreciate the time and care she put into her appearance.

9. Start a good conversation:

On a date, engaging in enjoyable conversation is key. Avoid certain topics to maintain a positive atmosphere. These include exes or past relationships, as they can create awkwardness. Bragging about wealth seems shallow, so focus on genuine aspects of your personality.

Complaints about work can be dull, while discussions about religion and politics may lead to debates. Keep the conversation upbeat, avoid past toxic relationships, and save future expectations for later dates. First dates should focus on the present and getting to know each other.

10. Be yourself:

Finding a girlfriend can be challenging when you're not genuine around the women you're interested in. It's important to recognize that you may have desperately sought their approval.

Most women hate it and making you friend-zoned at the end of the day. The key realization here is authenticity and healthy self-esteem. Once you acknowledge this, you'll discover a profound shift in your dating life.

Now that you've understood the importance of being yourself, especially around the opposite sex, you can confidently express your own feelings and engage in playful interactions.

11. Flirting with your body language:

Embracing physical flirtation is a natural and enjoyable part of the dating process. When you stop fretting over the outcome and simply have fun with a girl you find attractive, physical contact tends to occur organically.

To take those initial steps, consider these gentle approaches: during a conversation, gently brush something out of her hair, letting your hand graze her neck; if seated beside her, rest your hand near her leg and use your little finger to touch her outer thigh. These small gestures can help create a sense of physical connection and attraction.

Observe her body language, and if she's flirting back, it's a clear sign she's interested.

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part 3 – sealing the deal

Part 3 – Sealing the deal:

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12. Kiss her to express your intentions:

Your first kiss needs to be natural. When you notice she's into you, take the initiative and kiss her. Look for cues like her playing with her hair, gazing at your lips, laughing at your jokes, or leaning in closely. Trust these signs; they indicate she wants you to make a move.

Choose the right moment when you're both smiling, sitting closely, and her eyes dart down to your lips.

13. Make it official:

Transitioning from dating to a committed relationship can be tricky. The desire to make a girl your girlfriend might lead to nervousness, possessiveness, and attempts to rush the process, which can be unattractive. Instead, focus on enjoying your time together without forcing commitment.

Live in the moment, make each other smile, and avoid pressuring her to make things official. Let the relationship evolve naturally over a few dates, using open-ended phrases for plans. The best relationships stem from mutual enjoyment and shared experiences.

14. Learn from experiences:

Allow her to develop emotional connections naturally. Pressuring someone into a relationship can backfire. While playing hard to get may spark initial desire, meaningful and open conversations foster genuine liking for each other.

Emotional unavailability creates an unhealthy dynamic, but respecting her needs and taking the time to build a strong connection will likely lead to a healthier relationship.


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To get a girlfriend, you need to build a meaningful relationship, which often takes time, but it shouldn't be your sole focus. Instead, prioritize your personal growth and well-being.

Putting yourself first, setting boundaries, and not overly concerning yourself with others' opinions will naturally make you more attractive to potential girlfriend. You don't need to change yourself to get a great girlfriend, but rather, prioritizing your development and passions will make you more appealing.

The goal to get a girlfriend should be seen as an enriching addition to your already fulfilling life, not the sole purpose of your existence. So, continue being the best version of yourself and let your authenticity shine through in your interactions with others.

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