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How to Win at Tinder - Understanding the Algorithm

The Tinder algorithm is a system that determines which users you see in your swipe deck. Learn how to improve your matching probability.


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Tinder algorithm is a sophisticated system responsible for curating the profiles you encounter in your swipe queue. While it undergoes regular updates, certain fundamental principles remain consistent.

Read on to get a glimpse of how Tinder algorithm works, from swipes to profile data, as it strives to make meaningful connections between users.

Understanding Tinder Algorithm

Tinder is making a significant change to its algorithm, shifting its focus from high Elo scores to active Tinder user engagement. This adjustment will result in users who are more active on the platform having an increased presence in the feeds of others.

In the past, Tinder relied on the Elo score algorithm, a system that assessed users based on their attractiveness and how others interacted with their profiles. Those with higher Elo scores would frequently appear in other users' feeds, even if their activity on the app was limited.

The updated algorithm will still consider attractiveness but will now prioritize active user behavior. This means that users who engage more frequently by swiping and sending messages will have a better chance of being featured in the feeds of others, regardless of their Elo scores.

Tinder's motive behind this change is to enhance the app's overall user experience, making it more engaging and efficient in helping users find potential matches quickly. Additionally, the company asserts that the new algorithm promotes fairness by offering all users an equal opportunity to be noticed, irrespective of their Elo scores.

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