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Decoding The Next Step: A Full Guide on What To Text After First Date (2024 Edition)

Take control of your relationship and discover the art of expressing yourself confidently after the first date.
What To Text After First Date?

Imagine you went on an epic first date with your favorite person; you two had an amazing time, exchanged looks, and had a memorable romantic dinner. We know you are on the seventh cloud as you think you have found that precious soul who truly understands you, but what next?

Well, it's always a great idea to send a follow-up text later. You might be indecisive about what to text after a first date or when to send the text message.

According to Steve Yang, a relationship coach, “There is no certain amount of time to wait that will work for everyone, [so] the best advice is to be consistent with who you are.”

This clarifies that you will have to take the lead if you wish to send a message and continue the relationship to a second date. Here, we bring some effective quick texts you can use after a blasting first date to get the ball rolling.

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Table of Contents

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  1. When To Text After The First Date?
  2. What To Text After A First Date?
When To Text After The First Date?

When To Text After The First Date?

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There are no fixed rules for sending a text after a first date that promises to work. Different situations demand different tactics. Some feel that contacting them right after the first date will make them look desperate, but there is a high chance that your date wants you to text them first. At the same time, some people text right away after a great first date to see if they are on the same page.

Experts suggest waiting a few hours before texting after a first date. It allows you to process the entire experience. You can send a simple text to tell them you had a wonderful time or a good morning text. Such simple gestures show that you are polite and are interested in them.

If you wish to express your feelings and joy after a great date, there's nothing wrong with it. After all, being honest with yourself is the key to success here.

We don't recommend you blast their phone with non-stop messages if they are not replying. It can simply mean they have a busy schedule or are not interested. Wait for their response before sending the next message.

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What To Text After A First Date?

What To Text After A First Date?

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First dates are always complicated. Because you are unsure whether the other person wants to see you again or not, you can avoid this confusion by having a conversation after the first date.

If you are unsure about a second date, think about how he made you feel, how the date went, and whether he meets your set standards for a partner. Once you are ready to text them first, try out our suggestions for some things that you can talk about after the first date.

1. “Hey, did you reach home safely last night?”

A simple yet thoughtful text about reaching home safely shows your interest and caring attitude. Initiating the conversation with this message helps you build a connection with them without making things awkward. It's a great way to know the other person's feelings about last night while showcasing your kindness and earning extra points.

2. “I remember you like Indian cuisine. Want to try that new Indian restaurant by the corner for our second date this Saturday?”

To secure a second date, suggest a date idea, like referencing a topic from your conversation, such as the intriguing new restaurant downtown or an upcoming movie you both expressed interest in. Use this as a basis for your follow-up text and a compelling reason to plan your next get-together soon.

3. “I have finally watched Gladiator and I want to say that I don't agree with you on a lot of things. Are you free this weekend let's meet and discuss.”

It's an ideal text after a first if your date is excited about a specific movie or show, especially if they recommended you watch it and share your opinions. Following Adams' advice, aka relationship coach, save the detailed discussion for when you're face-to-face once more. This direct approach to asking them out could amplify your excitement for a potential second date.

4. “Last night was amazing. And I think that you being a fashion student is the coolest thing.”

Beverley Andre, a licensed marriage and family therapist, suggests sending such a message the same night or the next day of your first date. It helps you build a connection and express your interests clearly. You can use further use this further to suggest a second date idea. For instance, You can ask her to show you her best work or any art place she thinks is a must-visit place for people.

5. "I listened to your suggested songs. I am impressed with your choice of music and would love to know more of your favorites."

If your date talked about their favorites, use those conversations in your first text to show you are a great listener. Such first date texts encourage the other person to talk about their favorite things, allowing for a better conversation flow. Giving your opinion will enable them to know you better and vice versa.

6. “Hey, I wanted to tell you how much fun I had on our date. Would love to see you again soon.”

Such a text message after a first date clearly indicates your interests: You like them, and you wish to meet again, which means a potential second date. Their quick response means they had a great time and are excited to see you again. Meanwhile, even if they did not have a great time, this message is enough to make them reply.

7. Send a funny meme.

Nothing works better than a shared sense of humor for a successful potential relationship. Inside jokes are best to build intimacy and bond. If both of you had laughed together on an embarrassing incident, find a relatable meme and send it as your first text after the date. You can also suggest a possible second date to help your budding relationship grow better.

8. “Let's do that park date with some snacks and see the beautiful sunset together.”

Is there something cuter than this suggested date idea? Plus, this one will feel perfect if you have an instant connection and shared interests and chemistry. Besides, who doesn't like a good day at the park?

9. “Thanks for such a great night. But the problem is now I am going to have trouble sleeping tonight.”

You can send this text after a first date if you had flirting or ended the night with a make-out. But otherwise, avoid excessive flirting since you have only been on one date. Perhaps there's a chance that both of you will progress further, or at the very least, this could build anticipation for your second date.

10. "Thanks for last night but I feel we don't have much in common. Wishing you the best of luck for the future."

Not all first dates are destined to work well. So, if you didn't feel the spark, it's best to end things positively instead of ghosting them. Avoid being harsh or complaining; just share your concern politely and move on.


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Dating is like playing games. You want to win over the best person but must be smart, attentive, and on your toes. Coming up with a first text might seem complicated, but it wouldn't be challenging if you were paying attention on your first date. Use your sense of humor, talk about shared interests, and suggest a second date based on your first date experience.

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